Its RULES to being TopTier….PG/MidTier battlers ain’t ready yet.

Unbias Review takes a look at why Proven Ground and MidTier battle rappers are not ready to take that next step to becoming TOP TIER stars……Its more than just bars and good battles……People need to tap into your personality and like you in and out of the battle ring.


  • Dat Nicca

    Cosign! Good job on trying to help the youngins out. Let’s see if they listen.

  • daynali

    (philly): Alittle of topic,but lately the battles have been effected due to interruptions,opponents talkin (bill,suge:clips,magic.etc..),pullin out phones? an Smack not really controlling it how he use to. But that’s partly why battles haven’t been up to par. Love it thou…peace!

  • Florida Boy

    He made good points and he aint lying u never see them niggas at the events

  • brandon davis

    who the fuck is this nigga to be tellin battle rappers anything

  • p waters

    stop fixing your mouth like you sucking a dick = = = = dont do that ………dont do that. thin burt reynolds mustache having ass nigga!!! everybody aint with that wwe shit this is not wrestling you PHUCK NIGGA!!!!!! fag niggas love to critique shit with a pinky up. go put onja skirt tryna to give tips on gimmic shit. “Hey girl” {star troi torrain voice!

    • FAMP


  • SpiT

    Swave Sevah is top tier.!!!…so why aint he in more events.??? instead smack will put…math hoffa,cortez, da THONG MAN-Daylyt….WTF.??? don know why smack always hiding sevah or keeps him on the bench…explain yourself smack…

    • detmosthated

      swave is battling daylyt at sm3

  • Rexchap

    Hitman, got them lil Iverson braids…..”Goodz” STILL funny!!!!

  • Rexchap

    Ok Chris, it’s PAST time to either PULL DEM SHITS or FILE EM DOWN, cuz them 2 bottom joints hold in TOO MUCH spit and i just KNOW you get a good grip on a burger!!! SMH!!!!

  • God Aweful

    All this illustrates is that the masses of fans are idiots. This is
    exactly why Daylyt does that dumb shit and is getting over. He told us
    it would work for the same exact reason in this blog. All these people
    complain that he is ruining battle rap when it is the people that will
    co sign the dumb ass message in this blog that are the problem. I don’t
    even blame Daylyt because he tried just rapping that cold shit but now
    he is capitalizing of the stupidity of fans. Battle rap isn’t about
    battles anymore. Shit the battles aren’t about the raps anymore. We are
    going to kill this shit all over again.

  • battlefan82

    This is how smack should structure the url he should have unbiased judgesHe should do the same bracket style advances like ultimate free style fridayIf the talent come weak or unprepared dont book themDo more proving grounds across america not just California St louis or the east coastThe winner of this bracket get a recording contract with a good budgetPay less money to the talentDo tours and pay per view after the damage control is done I am talking aboutthe lack luster battles recycled bars ect.Smack has a good enough fan base and celeb influences to pull this off This will make for better battles and hungrier battle rappers because they got something to work for and Smack Norbes and Beasley will make more moneyI been fucking with Smack since the dvd era I watched him grow and I would hate to see the only good source of hip hop turn into grind time jusy sayn

  • Mr.Rude

    This unbiased nigga is a faggot… Mannerisms and hand gestures are way too feminine… one of them FUCK ASS ATL NIGGAS!


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