ItsBizKitTV: Hollow Da Don Talks About The Recent Battle With Loaded Lux

Hollow (@HollowDaDonLOM) rides around with Biz and 40Air for the first interview since his much talked about battle with Loaded Lux. Hollow speaks on if there is anyone else left worth battling, how much he wants to battle, the Loaded Lux battle itself, bringing out Calicoe’s father and much much more.


  • tycarterbk

    great battle
    gave that dude that work

  • http://deleted Gee

    Nowadays battles consist of okay bars,performance being weighing more than lyrical content with some personals that’s why most ppl feel hollow won idgaf bout none of that except lyrical content..dass why I laugh when clowns say hollow from the era where it was all content,who’s the better lyricist ..cats like me kno wat lux did,I bet his bars still flying ova u dummies head

    • facemon

      Yea man I feel u..Who ever think hollow won on that. SALT. Hollow OK just got alot of fuck boy fans that want to sit on his lap. Lux bars is to much anytime u can go a whole battle without saying a gun bar is crazy and.of course the ppl that don’t understand what he saying or don’t want to hear.what he saying is them buMs Who think lil Wayne is good..when lux said hollow glad u can make it…but sad u not go make it..that Was simple but powerful. Y’all niggas need to stop thinking swag and being on the corner and trying to n hard is cool. Knowing how to use ur brain and mind and making.things better.and changing things for the good that’s real swag. He go get this work that means way more than just he go get this work hollow might b a better person and change his ways because of that.

    • facemob

      No body can fuck with lux bar wise every body know that.. I know u look at different things n a battle but bottom line I’s the bars..u can out perform some body but still loose u can jump around move around do back flips but if u got regular bars all that is pointless like crossing some body making them fall but miss the shot. 90% of what lux said hollow fans didn’t get or didn’t care.y’all just saying he won because he didn’t get done like CAL but he kinda did just wasn’t as bad and that’s the ONLY REASON y’all saying he won because it Damn sure can’t b y’all think he had better bars because we know thats not ture hollow got killed by surf so ho can he beat lux and y’all not even thinking about this just easy shit he writing Think about if he really was to come up with some shit he just taking to to them think about if he came up wit skeems and gun bars and setups and all the other stuff battle rappers say they probably would have to stop the battle after 2nd round just get it thru y’all heads he the best.


    man turn dat radio off so i can hear hollow speak. smh

  • Anonymous

    Lux kilt DAT nigga bars OVA jokes. If it was the other way around than basically y’all saying kotd battle rappers are the best cuzz that’s all they do is rebuttal and tell jokes….

  • Anonymous

    Lux wasn’t lieing this nigga is a junkie and starting to look old

  • Anonymous

    maaaan stop with that purple stuff pls….may god with you brother…salute


    Lux clearly won 2-1 clearly no debating

  • Anonymous

    Hollow Beat Lux period yall akt like that nigga lux is god and he is unfoulable unbeatable he got beat period even u stans saying he won but it’s debateable 2 means that he lost but yall gone try and give him the win

    • Anonymous

      lux is not who yall think he is…he a sneaky nigga…dont let his performance and the big words fool you ….lux is a smart man

  • nevathat

    hollow came with some #hit but lux was just too polished and consistent. lux 2-1 tho.

  • tyrone

    hollow and calicoe got engaged. mr cee going to be the best man.

  • Jlove

    I’m a huge Lux fan but I give it to Hollow 2-1. Lux clearly got the first round with them crazy bars but I feel like he started losing steam in the last two rounds. It’s ok to admit that your favorite battle rapper didn’t win.

  • GO HAM


  • joenough

    I respect hollow for doing rap for the culture. battle rap is the last form of hip hop that needs to keep goin cuz honestly too much of this music sucks. honestly, lux and hollow battle was classic but I think lux won

  • tragedysmt

    lux last two battles were definitely overrated. the miles battle was how he should have came

  • jawz

    if y’all think this nigga beat lux, i’m done watching battle rap. all black young men are on drugs. lost niggaz.

  • whoose

    hollow had a great bout but i cant say he won. he just seemed to harp on luxes moment instead of creating his own. the whole battle he just talked about lux last battle .

  • Anonymous

    Lol hollow has the most dick suckers in battle rapp, you have to like 3-0 this nigga to convince his fans that he lost.

  • Anonymous

    Lyrics is what rap was built off of so when two MC’S go at it the best man wins.why doesn’t that we have gotten away from that?If grew up off the 90’hip or before it’s not a question if lux won..If grew up off today’s music with simple bars I see y u guys pick the elementary bar guy every time in a battle…do your history great lyrical battle rapper matched up with a simple easy to understand battle rapper they always go for the bubble gum shit..

  • Anonymous

    Smh no one talkin bout how arsenal had lux dick in his mouth n was reactin to hollow bars, smh low key hater

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    N fuck all y’all dickriders sayin lux won, hollow freestyles, performed, exposed, n cloned lux. All lux did was preach smh I want a battle not a Sunday service, cmd whaddup

    • Anonymous

      Learn to get your point across without talking like an animal and i might understand you. you dont need to curse tuffboi

  • Gunz

    it feels good to cee comments where ppl actually know what they are talking about …lux 2-1 easily!!! the more i watch it the more it is clear hollow did great but he had mainly all jokes and thats dead ass lux didnt come to play he came to work as usual but fans these days are d riders and dont like complex bars

  • lylez123

    i fux wit you don but lux gave you that work nigga

  • shah

    Lux lost

  • MrMr

    Hollow 2-1 mane

  • Anonymous

    Hollow vs mook, set it up smack

  • Anonymous

    Diva as nigga…….look at me king

  • Anonymous

    You already sno DAT………in ya system nigga!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Lux did anotha autopsy on the stage

  • axe_takeovermuzik

    hollow 2-1 imo, could go either way based on that 3rd

  • seaside

    New movie coming soon called “clowns”. Featuring the majority of you lux dckriders..



  • Spike

    Yo lux, the lost young fella is still high. Hollow this was not ur best wrk. I think ur jabs were not hitting and I think u know that during the battle. It was a good battle by both. Hollow say no to drugs. It’s showing in ur battles and interviews. The sober fans can see it in u .. U are much better than this. This is not a diss at all…

  • Yung staxxx

    Hollow looked bad in that battle vs lux I honestly thought he did better in that surf battle. But he has a lot of dick riders.

  • Mreversoul

    pac vs biggie, not saying they like pac and bigge. but u got biggie, best lyricist ever! pac-best heart felt. but is pac better or biggie? its all on what u into. now lux vs hollow, same shit. lux lyrical as fuck and hollow not so much but u feel what he say. i can see how lux won and i can see how hollow won. no1 lost in this battle cause there styles rep the best of hip hop, lyrical and heartfelt.


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