J. Cole Performs “Be Free” With a New Verse on Letterman

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Forget this chain, cause this ain’t me
Though I’m eternally grateful to JAY Z
I’m so elated, we celebrated like Obama
Waited until his last day in office
To tell the nation, brothers is getting their reparations, hey!
A man can dream, can he?
No disrespect, in terms of change
I haven’t seen any
Maybe he had good intentions
But was stifled by the system
And was sad to learn that he actually couldn’t bring any…
That’s what I get for thinking…
This world is fair
They let a brother steer the ship
And never told him that the ship was sinking
But I got other sh*t to think about…
Like my bank account
Forget that watch, you paid too much for it
You ‘ought to be ashamed
When brothers back home be dreading when the seasons change
Cause they ain’t got no heat
And they ain’t got no AC
WalMart distribution fired my homie
He just had a baby
You wonder why it’s been so many B and E’s lately
While brothers from the hood shooting like it’s TNT lately
This is all the ballers leaving college early
I turn on the TV and don’t see no brothers with degrees lately

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  • http://twitter.com/AnimalKingd0m Δη!mαℓ Kιηςdσm♛

    Lets b serious.. Pat Stay won that shit. Tho lets put this in perspective, The League is called ‘King of the Dot’, & its in a different country. The odds r stacked against u in a whole new way.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/NGYW3IQFB6JFNFDXKEK4VZYYHA DC

      Honestly, Math only beat Marvwon in my eyes, no other wins..and he lost last night vs Holla, Math chocked too. He doin like 4 battles a month and combined he STILL havent made as much as Holla did in this one battle. But watch Norbes say his artist Math edged it. Probably say Math beat Cal too. A joke

      • http://twitter.com/AnimalKingd0m Δη!mαℓ Kιηςdσm♛

        i heard he was doin about 4 battles in month. he is a moron cuz It shows in his battles that he isnt taking the time needed to write real witty/clever hard hitting shit. 


    norbes stop moaning about people not liking you it sounds real pink, forget about it, if you cant handle it stop being in the limelight


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