Jae Millz Vs Goodz (Announcement)

goodz vs jae millz


GOODZ vs J MILLZ vintage Raw Battle From “02” Will Be out Next week for .99 cent To watch. Stay tuned for more details!!


  • Kid Dynomite

    Why do we have to pay for this

    • KingLeo

      I dont think URL is charging. But damn bro, it fucking 99 cent!!! You cant support that??? You sound stupid! SMH

    • Remsin

      YOU are broke ass bum ass nigga!!! I cant believe i just heard someone complain about 99 fuckin cents! You niggaz are sad as fuck!

  • Caught Choosen

    You don’t have to pay for nothing –
    Not your light bill, your phone bill or your cable.
    But nothing in life is free. Same boys talking about 40 grand too much for Lux are the same ones not willing to pay 99 pennies to be entertained.

  • —MWD3

    this is one cent too much.. ill wait til its free

  • Simon

    99cent is to cheap. If I was goodz I would charge more. Fuck all these ungrateful battle rap fans.

  • ozzy

    fuck you and your money..old as battle from a decade ago fuck outta hereeee

  • AcesClick215

    I don’t mind payin for ANY URL battle cuz I support the culture BUT HELL NO AM NOT PAYIN FOR A BATTLE THIS OLD NO MATTER WHO IT IS

  • Gee

    I would def pay for this.. Real battling right here..8 rounds,no faggot personals ,overused slow it downs,slogans or garbage ass abc setups and Pre k vocab .. Real battling right

  • KingBKings

    The URL will be funding extra money for the next event with this service to you.

  • Ali

    hey smack what u need to do… is split these( Crews ) up and choose matches on different places and different locations where there is no hometown favorite or even battle grounds and also put titans vs titans (example: marv-one vs JC or calico vs QP. or Cortez vs ill will or even Big T vs Big kannon…or even O-red vs arsonal.. just something to change these groups and battle in philly, ATL, DC, no more hometown favs. true MC. can battle in any city! and please get more lyrical MC’s back… or maybe reach out to some God’s like( busta vs charlie clips..) just sayin tho…


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