JayBlac1615| Midwest Miles vs DNA Review

Jayblac reviews Midwest Miles vs DNA and expresses disappointment in Midwest Miles overall performance….

@theDAMNtruthMAG @Devenchi @Industry101


  • jawz

    dude! you are so corny, not funny at all. and gay….

    • Capsstuck

      Keep doing you jayblac, & love your haters. You are always on point with your critique! do you my nigga.

  • i agree

    hit or miss with jayblack

  • Cozzo36

    Your trying too hard dude. Stop reaching for the funniest nigga on URL award becoz your heading for the corniest!! Your funny enough when your just being yourself yo!! Quit the acting as it looks desperate real talk!! I think its that room your in when your by yourself coz i swear you turn crazy like a cartoonigga!!!! We still love your movement and hustle so we dont wanna see you sell yourself short my nigga!!! Kermit-ass lookin puppet

  • Razor

    wow… Jayblac got haters now… Congrats my nigga you are officially successful

    • jawz

      never that bro, never that. hate on who, that nigga, please. he corny, that’s it. he is not funny, how is that hate, corny niggaz like you , like that gay shit.

      • Razor

        If you don’t like it cool but spending time hating on him and anybody who thinks he’s funny are the actions of a bitch… lol “gay shit”…. so apparently battle rap and having friends is corny and gay in your opinion…. you’re the most insecure illogical hater I’ve seen in a while… Get out the house, get friends, fuck bitches because your life clearly sucks badly

        • http://imdg.co belikeike


  • Anonymous

    Please go back to reactions b. that’s what made u famous.

  • Mp

    I respect his blogs he a good dude i don’t know what the hates about do you let that nigga do him

    • jawz

      hate who, eat a dick you gay ass fags, because i don’t feel like you do i’m hating, eat a dick. that nigga is corny wack, not funny at all.

  • young ru

    man is this nigga gay …..


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