Jaz the Rapper 2014 New Years’ Rap

5th annual new years rap from me … decided to start a new channel and start fresh on youtube . my old channel is still up tho ! youtube.com/jazzyfr3sh5 u can check all my previous new years rap and some music as well


  • amsterdam.battlerap

    something about jaz that make me wanna hit that #niggafromamsterdam

  • repo_the_ruler

    jaz bad an she got barz

  • Bolaji

    U just have to like jaz’s personality, she is a very likeable humble lady, this is what every woman should be like.

  • bolaji

    btw jaz i am writing from nigeria, just wanna let u know u got fans and lovers in nigeria, not many url cats in the game get that rare nigerian love lol

  • Cyber

    That was dope. I’m from Nigeria as well. Very strong follower of the url

  • skizz23

    Jaz is not that crazy wit her barz but def has that “it” shit.

  • Anonymous
  • Jaeyy

    for ya rapper check out youtube,com/JaeyyRbeats


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