Here’s another installment with Jaz the Rapper as she talks about the battles she had on QOTR. What’s interesting is she said out of all her battles she would have a rematch with K Prophet. Listen to the rest of the interview as she speaks in detail about her battles.


  • Timothy Bias

    jaz get out here with the bs

  • halftime

    Timothy get outta here with that bs hairline….. She’s answering questions based on her opinion! I swear the majority of you fans are incompetent

    • Timothy Bias

      Why would you insult me talking about the way I look. Get a life. I am actually in the music industry you jerk and work with major artist so why you go to concerts and buy cds or downloads I get paid for it you. You have to know who you are addressing Halftime means half the money half thought and not brain. I use my real name stupid. I been watching the battle since smack dvds I have a right to my opinions GET OUTTA!!!! tired of you internet people who meet the person the first time insulting them. As you can see you can talk about my hairline but I am holding my child means my wife loves me and made a child get some manners and life you apartment living minimum wage wanna be thug.

  • ms marjane

    i always thot k prophet was dope. o’fficial handed kprophet that work tho. jaz is hella boring.

  • Timothy Bias

    You already about to battle Ms. Hustle talk more about that or someone else don’t go backwards for no rematch Jaz you too good for that.


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