Jaz The Rapper Talks About Her Virginity And Everybody Pressuring Her To Have Sex


  • struckdemdimes

    niggaz dont give a fuck bout dat shit……

  • Debo Marks

    This Bitch making Twerk videos shaking her ass but she’s not taking no cock? OK yeah rite!!

    • DRE

      Your moms prolly making a twerk vid upstairs RIGHT NOW LMAO!!

  • Jei Sweet

    Goddamn cock tease.

  • Jei Sweet

    “as long as you don’t do it with some lame nigga”
    “What’s Lame?”
    “Math Hoffa”

    • DRE

      Na….you a lame nigga buddy!!

  • 313kev

    All the niggaz jaz mess with have blue balls

  • William Onehundred

    every females been drilled at some point in their life,girls be on that lowkey front shit……

  • smackkk

    jaz apple head ass is so fucking corny to me


      CO SIGN !!! She wild corny son, i do not understand how the fuck every nigga sucking this bitch. Ya niggaz have really fucked up taste smfh, i don’t want to see ya hoes. If ya say this bitch got swag or is a bad bitch ya niggaz gets no PUSSY nor don’t got no life.

      • Trevor21

        sucks but so 100% true

      • Matt L Parks

        That’s lame. Why say something hurtful about the young girl? She looks good and if they respect her craft that will make her look better in some people’s eyes.

      • smackkk

        exactly so niggas be on this bitch like she so bad im like this bitch sound like a man on top of all the other shit smfh fuck niggas in my star voice

    • whatup

      Apple head.lol she is corny.she acts all innocent when asked about sex. Big ol Fuji Apple head with a gap between her teeth.

  • leaderofthenewschool

    who the fuck cares? i didnt even watch this shit, just read the dumb ass caption

  • barondebxl

    She didn’t give the cat but she probably gave the mouth

  • TFOH

    Who cares about this bitch? REALLY…she aint even FINE! And i hate tiny bitches!!! Looking like a fuckin 12 yr old…TFOH!

  • I Hit

    Ha ha ha, lol lol lol , Muhahahhahhhahaha – ROFL ahhh….. HAHAHA!

  • Yaw

    Is it possible she is a VIRGIN because she is not as appealing as people say. I had a friend who remained a virgin till marriage (34 years). I guess we should all give Jaz a medal. She is not pretty guys. She is just one of the female battle rappers who is not a muff diver thats why everyone like her. Walk the streets of NY and you see 100s of girls who look better than Jaz and are virgins. They are pushing her using this virgin shit. STOP IT.

    • datniggatrav

      lmfao true story !!!!!!! PREACH

  • Jamal

    who cares…to a man being a virgin aint even a good thing..we dont like hoes, but we like women who know what they doing…like yeah id smash jaz just to do it..but niggas act like being a virgin make it better..she not gonna be able to smash for long, or know what she doing, so its gonna be wack..nigga cant beast on a virgin pussy…so i dont get it

    • TFOH

      NIgga,,,,,THIS IS BOUT THE FIRST THING , i agree 100% that you’ve ever said…….NIGGA you aint wrong bout this one!!!! ROFLMAO!!! This bitch look like a 12 yr old! #FUCKDISBITCH

  • LoverBoy WonDer

    Damn jaz has a lottttt of haters. Jaz keep doing your thing.

  • Echo5

    Ok. Niggaz saying fuck Jaz and who cares. Why the fuck yall click on the link then? lol

    • TFOH

      Cuz it’s still on a Hip Hop sight! Only reason why! I know i didnt listen to the interview, cuz the bitch keep sayin the same thing! I heard her ONCE and that was enough!

      • TFOH


    • rexchap

      jaz is wild corny, aint nobody got time for that… why post wack shit.

  • DRE

    GENTLEMAN….not every woman is a jumpoff!! I truly think as men we have been poisoned by the ease at which we fuck bitches. The problem is that we have been blinded by billions of whores in the world!! All Jaz is trying to represent is not ALL woman are cum-buckets lol. She could be your daughters, your female cousins, your sisters, girlfriends or wives BUT we cannot condemn Jaz just because niggas question her sexual activity in every interview.

    It’s some very ignorant niggas in here lol. On 1 post, a nigga actually had the nerve to complain about the quality of sex saying that she won’t know what to do like the shit is rocket science lmfao!! How fucking dumb does that sound!! I have fucked plenty of jumpoffs and it cool for a time but at what point do you grow up??!! IDK about you niggas, but I am no longer interested in community pussy lol!! Ya must like sharing pussy lmao, most ya dumb fuckers ain’t even using condoms either and got your face on tha BOX??? FOH niggas!!

    • Jei Sweet

      White Knighting kinda hard there buddy. I bet you got 3 kids by 2 different women talking bout you gotta be respectful. Take yo ass to work so you can pay that child support.

      • DRE

        Nigga, you don’t make no fuckin sense! If I was paying child support, why would I defend another woman?? And what does child support have to do with your bitter feelings toward females? Jaz didn’t cheat on like your last bitch did?! She didn’t neglect you like your mother did either!! You betta chill nigga and move forward.

  • HDTheProducer

    Really Smack????

  • whatup

    She has never been with anybody.she probably never kissed before.

  • Chuckychuck

    Man this bitch Looks like a Ninja Turtle. People need to stop lying to her telling her she’s fine.

  • HiStakes

    On some business shit, SMACK has to push this chick out there. She’s different in the culture because she is a young, fairly good looking woman that has not had her ass shared to the point that she reverts to dressing like a little boy, cuffs chicks, muff dives and spits gun bars. That is different. There is revenue to be made with that along with the fact that she’s lyrically nice and has built her own little lane on youtube even before she got on SMACK. She has an opportunity to grow as she is sort of like DNA where she got in really young and grew up in the environment; she was not incarcerated, tatted up like a lifer or abused like many of the other female battlers out here. Her potential can be a new lane for new money.

  • Smack White

    She gave me head Sm3 tho you naa mean!!


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