• Anonymous

    see how she claims virginity and people around her want her to be the exact opposite. “would you smash him”, “would you do that”, “you need to get som’ D”… the devil is working..smh…”Living in a world where your surrounding want you to do bad, and i dont mean its bad to have sex. (get it right!!!)….matter of fact its not crazy that she might be virgin…its crazy that you are a hoe!!!! welcome to babylon

    • trey2

      shutup, nobody cares. this chick keeps playing the virgin card who cares, she is trying to stay relevant because her battles don’t keep her relevant. oh and pass its too many fine female battle rappers.

      • http://imdg.co belikeike

        false, she talks about it because it’s asked about. she ain’t ya’ cup of tea? thats cool, but you ain’t gotta’ down play her, she got barz.

        • Sonny

          I see interviews all the time, if its something they don’t want to discuss, they say next question. that shit is personal, so why is she the only battlerap female talking about her personal shit everytime someone puts a cam in her face. then it takes someone to post this shit here, like this is battlerap. loaded lux and hollow going down today. blog about that. she is not fine, so stop it. scale 1 to 10 she a 4, lets be real. I would pass all day.

  • Anonymous

    When conceited & hitman take they fittedz off dey look weird asf…….them niggas should juss glue a hat to there heads

    • Anonymous

      i dont get that hairline talk though….the most black ppl got bigger/ more rounded foreheads than white ppl , so it might look different, but it fits them. ppl still talk about a “fd-up hairline”tho.
      for example camron: his hairline aint change, but all of a sudden his wig is pushed back??? it is and always was the form of his forehead yall expect blacks to have flat white man foreheads..idk…..stop payin to much attention on the hairline, thats my point.

      • Anonymous

        TF?!? It has nothing to do with the form of there heads. It has something to do with genetics, and nigga I’ll speak on wuteva I want. If you got a fck’d up hairline just cut ur shit bald, it’s simple.

        • Anonymous

          damn bro, you got me….my hairline messed up foreal….killin my confidence smh….you wanna hug a brother?…….foh believe me…its like that, i know for fact!!! selfhate bruh-bruh, its sad

  • razor

    nobody cares about this dumb shit….. url is becoming a fucking joke…. hollow vs lux tomorrow btw just in case anybody wants to hear some actual battle rap news

  • jawz

    Who give a fuck……pussy wack, She is not sexy. Let’s talk about rap, not this big head bitch wack ass pussy, you nasty ass, no getting pussy ass niggaz.

  • Anonymous

    Bitch has a weird ass taste I’m niggas.

  • Anonymous

    I Swear she was geekin off ty law, bitches love that dmv swag! definitly dc and pg we out chea!!….bmore and va too

  • MMLP2

    People really give a shit about her virginity? She has nothing better to talk about?

  • DRE

    anybody else gonna pay $30 for the event tomorrow?

  • http://fuckurasswithaspoom jamal

    head full of weave ..ill pass

  • rexchap

    F this chick…norbes be trying HARD for people to care about this chick! NO stage presence and the body of a 12 yr boy! gTFOH


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