JC Says He Defeated Charlie Clips And Addresses Ghostwriting For Jaz The Rapper Rumors


  • JC doing the robot

    This little dude wildin if he thinks he won that battle with Clips, im still laughing off that he was pop locking & took his chain off. He must have been on that same stuff Calicoe was on after the Lux battle, thinking he won & shit. Only battle he would beat Clips in is a dance battle.

    • Raymond

      You can’t compare JC vs Clips to Lux vs Calicoe. Calicoe got bodied. The JC vs Clips battle is a debatable classing, not a one sided killing.

      • jsouth713

        true I still fell clips got it also my opinion his bars schemes stage presence and performance and tellin him about that dance video and how he took ill style and how he rap im sorry it was just to much 4 jc………when someone in the crowd use jc quote u just lost the battle on jc trust me he lost lol

    • http://worldstarhiphop.com/ ThatsLite!

      why u hatin on JC doe??

  • Edwin Stagg

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_7nQVSSP58 here go the video of jc dancing for a molester clipscharlie 3-1 i give jc the coin toss and thats debatable due 2 this evidence this nigga #AINTABOUTDATLIFE

    • Gee

      the battle wasn’t three rounds dicc succer

      • Edwin Stagg

        i know it wasn’t 3 rounds dumb ass dick ride because i don’t even fuck with charlie i think battle rappers is all whack as fuck now but jc did lose as i said 3-0 no debating

  • niyon

    No one in battle rap lives what they rap about if they did they would be rapping from a jail cell and being talked about on them gangland type tv shows…battle rap is similar to wrestling its strictly for entertainment nothing more and thats just how it is none of th have all the guns or sell the drugs they claim to and ppl say they are less creditable because of it from rick ross to drake to lil wayne to 2 chainz they dont do the ish they rap about but ppl still listen its all an act just take it for what it is in my opinion. …I think JC won due to bars, delivery and rhyme scheme Clips had mad bars but I feel as though its the same clips routine just my opinion

  • URLTV88

    niqquh you got killed by clips.. he made an example out of you. n i even fux with you heavy. PAUSE

  • jjay187

    clips killed this kid

  • Skinny Redd



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