JC vs Charlie Clips (who really won – Unbias Review)


  • Gee

    The ill Will bar was the best line..lmaoo mediocrity at its finest.. So predictable with abc wordplay and setup

    Ima let my son listen to clips when he needs to learn how to rhyme one syallable words

  • ThatOne

    Its crazy how bad niggaz wanna say clips beats everyone

  • disqus_I69Qeklj1r

    JC won this to me man. even though Clips cadence is always dope and his wordplay. he’s funny too a well rounded batller, but JC was too creative to this for me like publisher’s clearin house we just showed up, chekin niggas!. dayum!. but Clips was funny as shit when he said my favorite part when you did the robot to take off your chain lol. but JC barred him out to me it would’ve been a tie to me but that publisher clearing house shit put it over the edge to me. also Clips was comin at different people too not JC

    • Ace Boon Coon

      lol your buggin. I think that clips took a few L’s but this is not one of them. clips round was overall more entertaining

  • Spike

    I agree with u on who won. The old clips showed up for JC. Clips showed up and showed out…

  • Kobe

    This dude always picks New York rappers over other rappers if its a close battle. In my eyes JC won because he out rapped Clips. In a battle you attack the other rapper with your bars, personals and stage presence overall and JC I think edged Clips. Clips was beast but JC was just a little better in my eyes and I’m from Cali no bias here.

  • God Aweful

    Rap battles are about who raps better… If you aren’t judging it that way, stop judging battles. JC rapped circles around Clips. There were no weak moments in JC’s round and he had crazy haymakers. Clips was better than he normally shows up but he didn’t have enough to win unless you are biased.

    • Vonage

      No its about who can battle better, jc won lyrically maybe but clips beat him in a battle, sorry buddy, if they text battled then maybe jc wudda won

  • jcordraw

    I felt like JC won too. I don’t know about you but I judge a battle by who raps better in that battle and JC took it if not its a tie cos it is only 1 round…kinda hard to judge a battle with just 1 round.

  • Canin

    Clips won. hands down

  • Steeve Francois

    i resect this dude

  • J Blangz

    I like jc and i like clips and without any bias….i honestly think clips went light for jc…Clips is goin T-rex right now….he got like 4 battles in 3 weeks already….i feel like if Clips was back in his old days for one rounders JC gets destroyed clearly…no debatetin(goodz voice)(watch x-factor). he even admitted to not likein one rounders and its JC so he doesnt have much to prove….The ill will line showed what clips could do to jc if he had 3 rounds…


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