Jim Dutch Feat. Hollow Da Don – Same Night


  • Macmar415

    E for effort.

  • Chris Scott

    I like hollow music for some reason

    • ohgod

      It’s because u deaf, fam.

  • Darth val

    This shit is tuff

  • nine5for

    the ladies in the video looking good but the music dont match

  • PrinceJai

    Hollow did his thing as usual… My nigga LG stand up….

    • Macmar415

      lol hollows verse didn’t even go with the theme of the song, lol.

      • PrinceJai

        I don’t give a fuck, the nigga spit regardless…. That’s fucking song was trash anyway….

  • Stefan Walker

    we bang hollow down in louisville ky…

  • zeekyg

    If any one saying hollow verse Is tough the world is doomed lol and rap officially over as we know it but the other dude was okay tho….

  • lookaway

    That verse hollow did was trash. How do you guys say that shit was dope? You guys really don’t listen to lyrics anymore.

  • Matt L Parks

    Second rapper I’ve seen steal that “bars like cheers” line from Fred Da Godson. Hollow has the same problem every battle rapper has.They spend a month preparing for a battle and 30 minutes writing a song.


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