Joe Budden- “Lost Control” Kendrick Lamar Response



  • Damn

    DAMN can these turkeys at least use a different beat!!! Shit all sound the same.

    • Bibzy


  • Don

    Joe Budden jus went in… This and the king Los verse are hands down the best…

    • Don

      I and can’t forget the ransom and Joell Ortiz joints

      • BROCK

        Classic Battling!!

  • Kendrick

    Kendrick Lamar just another average dude who’s hot right now…nothin special at all lyrically….jus like Drake…glad he stirred things up though…

  • sampirlo

    Best 3 responds is 3. Cassidy 2 Lupe Fiasco 1,Joe Budden still waiting for 3 People do I think can match with Kendrick thats J.Cole , Drake & Meek Mill

  • K2gees

    I think Joe Budden & Papoose are arguably the best responses. Then King Los, Joellz and shocking Grafh. Cassidy wasn’t rapping about anything. Madd Rappers response is good too.Uncle Murda would be cool if he could rap.

  • Todd Pride

    Kendrick is a lyrical assassin


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