Joe Budden Recaps NOME 5 & Says Mook Will Kill Drake in a Battle – In this exclusive sitdown with PSA Radio, Joe Budden gave his recap of NOME 5 and discussed topics such as him returning to battle rap, Murda Mook potentially battling Tsu Surf and Drake, outside investors in the battle culture, and much more.

The interview starts off with the Jersey City native giving his recap of the URL NOME 5 event which he described as a “good time”. He also stated that he enjoyed himself despite the length of time he spent standing while at the event. After briefly speaking on the battle between Jaz The Rapper and Offishal, Joe then went on to state that he lost money betting on the matchup between K-Shine and Aye Verb and also gave critical acclaim to Shine’s performance. Budden also disclosed that he bet wages on the highly anticipated battle between Charlie Clips and Hollow Da Don.
OVO front man Drake had the entire battling world in a frenzy when he announced that Murda Mook would have to be victorious in a bout against Tsu Surf in order for him to step inside the ring with the Harlem legend. When asked for his outlook on the situation, the “Pump It Up” rapper stated that the fellow Jersey native wants to go toe-to-toe with Mook so he could go on a hiatus from battling and focus more on his music. He also stated that he didn’t agree with Surf taking battles while he is also working on projects.

Many battle fans have been wondering if Joe Budden would ever compete on stage again after his professional battling debut on Total Slaughter back in 2014. When asked if being in the front row of the NOME 5 event gave the Slaughterhouse member the itch to return to the ring, he responded by saying if he were to battle again he would have to genuinely dislike his next opponent.

After speaking briefly on Arsonal, Joe then gave a few details on battle rapper pay rates. He explained how outside investors have recently enabled certain top-tier veterans to have such lucrative compensation for competing. He also stated that Mook would get the same pay rate for battling Surf as he would if he battled Drake unless there was an outside party providing the finances. While on the subject of Murda Mook, he gave his opinion that he would “kill” Drake.

The clip closes out with Budden discussing Iron Solomon’s career transition, plus his tour and new music he is working on, which will be available for fans to hear soon.

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