Joell Ortiz – Outta Control (Kendrick Lamar Diss)



  • therealestcritic

    Another Joel Haymaker !

  • ms marjane

    this was aiight.. i guess.

  • jHaro

    A decent shot from a guy shooting at somebody who wasnt shooting at him. I wonder if kendrick will waste his time firing back

  • Bigpheze1375

    Yo, I like Joel, honestly I think Slaughter House depreciated his value as an mc, bcuz he’s hot by himself, collectively they are trash. He shouldn’t have responded though he’s too hot of an mc to take offense to what Kendrick said, trill talk Kendrick turned the lights back on, the game was becoming garbage niggaz like 2chainz getting paid 100k for trash on tracks, it needed to be done.

  • sampirlo

    Ortiz U very good,but Kendrick lamar is Now the King

  • Greggylasek

    decent but why is he dropping someone thatss on his label technically slaughterhouse and aftermath are like brothers? it’s almost like common dissing Jay Zthere’s no point

  • William Onehundred


  • Gary Santos

    he corny…he aint have nothing to do with it..k dot will kill that nigga

  • Cityboy Dutch

    to everyone saying Ortiz cant fuck with Kendrick is fucking dumb and dont kno real hip hop Ortiz will take this niggaz head with NY crown attached to it #BARZ


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