Joell Ortiz: “I Could Beat Charlie Clips in a Battle”

Joell Ortiz: “I Could Beat Charlie Clips in a Battle”

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  • skizz23

    this nigga is actually breaking down this shit for who??  We don’t need this shit…SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!

  • KingLeo

    YESSS I been waiting on this one!!! I really like this cat! Dose had some crazy lines and i Definitely wanted to understand some of them.. evrybody wants to act like they caught EVER BAR! please, we all miss 1 or 2 sometimes.. Nice breakdown!! where’s RD 2 and 3 tho??

    • VoiceOfTheFans

       Go on my youtube page for RD 2 and 3 “CjCityTv .. they should get posted on here soon tho! thanks

  • JussWatch27

    good shit

  • Swagg

    Dude, why are you breaking math bars down? They’re simple, what is said is already know. FEMA coffins; he clearly said they hiding them, whether true or not. You didn’t even get to the gristle of dose shit. Where your mind at square

  • Keorich

    I have no respect for this breakdown…math beat yo ass to tell us what he wanted to hear…DOSE KILLED HIM!!!

  • Chris

    if it aint a 3-0 nobody win

  • Damn_Homie

    This guy is fuckin stupid ain’t shit complicated  lyrics boo this man boo

    • ShowTyme

       THATS WHATS WRONG WITH YOU NEW YORK NIGGAS! well its probably not even new york.. its just dumb niggas like you that wanna boo everything SMH this culture doesn.t need you.. when have you ever heard of a nigga getting boo’d at a chypher! never! its true hiphop! good, wack, or whatever.. stop booing niggas! this guy was actually cool.. i got dose 2-1 though!! he was sayin some shit!

      • Damn_Homie

        we all know dose won real talk…Boo the guy the was breaking everything down ain’t shit complicated about Math lyrics and he recycle way to much …lol

  • Rexchap

     These simple ass bars needed NO breakdown…….SMH!!!!

    • KingLeo

       I see you on every URL post saying something NEGATIVE! Do you ever have anything Positive to say?? why are you here??

      • Rexchap

         WHY do YOU care?

  • DC

    Who is he exactly and why do we need a breakdown from him?

    • NyCboi

       i think he works with smack or something. I heard norbes shout him out. But i feel like these are necessary. its always one or 2 bars we all miss, plus it keeps the conversation going after the battle drops. I think people get offended with these because they think this guy is breaking it down for stupid people and thats not true. just cause you miss a bar DOESN’T MAKE YOU STUPID. Its just another outlet of knowledge he providing, not because we’re stupid, but because we’re fans of the content. if you caught the bar cool, if not cool, can this man not talk about a battle lol

  • Youngknobles

    yall niggas aint catch all them bars he just broke down so shut the fuck up haters. unless u watched the shit  3 or 4 times already to catch em and real niggas who do real thangs and fuck real bitches aint got time to do that. 

  • onefather

    yeah i got it the first 3 times i watched the battle…

  • JumpMann

    Shut the Fuck Up!  You are blind and Def to think Math Is Any Threat to Dose!  You Braking Down Wack Ass Simple Bars

  • stackbe

    smack get rid of him like that bald headed bitch dose 3-0

  • AllThingsReviewed215


    Are you fucking serious? A bar break down. This battle was fucking whack. Should have never been released. This nigga breaking down bars like they are complicated.

    Kill yourself.

  • Rastaman

    Dont hate on this nigga. Niggas always be hating

  • jay tuns

    not this dude again! stop leeching like we need shit to be explained!!!


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