John John Addresses “Bar Thief” Battle Accusations


  • Bjax

    John john is not original, hiphop is about originality. its too ez to take another person style an build on it, but you get no credit for that. be yourself, do your own thing and stop biting my nigga. bar thief title fits, its a shoe! also get that stupid multiple choice the f outta here! its stupid.

    • Bjax

      Just to add, you lost to bill Collector, Hitman, The Saurus, jc, Xfactor, math Hoffa, Charlie clips, and Hollow the den den non.

      • kiddcarter

        I have no clue where he gets this shit about him beating hitman from

    • Ril Harris

      you wrong!!! HipHop is based on reinventing itself.

      btw: According to you K Shine stole some bars in his last battle, correct? everybody does it.
      If someone is using nameflips the next men cant use nameflips that incorrect.

      • Grindmode

        to be honest bruh, he aint even bar thiefin as much as other mcs/top tiers do. Why dont yall ask calicoe about biting stuff,k-shine etc. stop lieing, just cause hes a pg dude and an easy target. but im not sayingg that i let it fly…its still wack, just treat these battlerappers the same.

    • Itsjustme_mynigga

      Shit ain’t that serious… When y’all was n school the whole class read the same book n gave there interpretation n the form of a book report… The same line another nigga used can b flipped better or u can use a style another nigga has 2 sho the simplicity of there style… It’s a kind of diss n itself don’t b so quick 2 judge b4 u look at the angles

    • Barz

      This nigga Jon Jon need to let that multiple choice shit go it was only hot the very first time he said it now this nigga do it every fuckin battle that shit played out he dont get no crowd reaction when he say that shit like yung ill stop sayin who is this nigga that shit dead

  • url Stan

    start with changing your name then maybe we can believe you to be frank i listened to you cause i thought u was wit hollow

  • whoose

    first of all, looking at this niga you can tell this nigga 730. but yo on the real he talks way more sense than 99% of battle rappers( who seem to be delusional).
    until now i had john john loosing every battle mostly till now. with that said, i will look at his battles now with a different mind.
    shout out to smack,johnjohn,url,vladtv

  • Anonymous

    He destroyed Hitman holla lol what battle were u watching

  • Cam

    Niggas is str8 haters i cant believe the shit I’m reading wtf give the nigga john john some respect. him and hitman is debatable yeah but he did his thing. and oh yeah he killed bill collector clearly

  • Anonymous

    Niggaz is Hating kause that Nigga was Flipping Niggaz shit betta than the original he nice he got barz hitman battle is debatable he beat bill collector suge math etc

    • Realbigdeal

      Fuck you talking about. Math won against jjdd. Watch the battle again. It was not debatable.

  • Itzjustme_mynigga

    Fans r individuals… Sum r fans of schemes sum r fans of gun bars n sum get off on da jokes… It’s impossible 2 cater 2 all… B urself just spit ur shit wit passion it comes across more believable

  • Spindizzy

    I got John john in my top 5 worst battle rappers, he in there with syah, yung ill, kshine and nuborn.


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