John John Da Don Gives Summer Madness 3 Recap + Reveals Upcoming Battles

NoMercyTV bring you this exclusive interview with John John Da Don where we discuss the battles that took place at Summer Madness 3, the reason everyone THINKS Summer Madness 3 was shutdown for and the REAL reason him and JC and Daylyt vs Swave didn’t go down that night. He also reveals his upcoming opponents. Follow us on twitter @NoMercyTV @JohnJohnDaDon and be sure to check out


  • Dat Nicca

    The nigga JohnJohn has the perfect attitude for this battle rap shyt. Keep grinding my dude and keep that “eff the haters” mentality. It’s plenty of us out here that appreciate the talent and skills you bring to the table.

    As a side note, I wish NoMercy would have asked him some questions about Syah Boy. I really can’t tell how Syah is moving nowadays or whether he’s trying to fukc with URL on a more consistent basis. I think he also has the skills to come back and do well if he wants to.

    • BuckShit

      nigga your dumb. he has the perfect attitude by taking everyones bars? the fuck?

      • Brixxxx

        Cause Hes The Only One Who Re Made Someone Else’s Bars???????? Only Thing Is The Rest Of The Other Niggas Don’t Get Pressed About It, Don’t Be A Hater

      • ms marjane

        i won’t accuse jjdd of bein a biter, but his tricks got old fast. i was lookin forward to seein the new shit he’d bring against jc.. this was a critical battle for him to bring out the true skills.. or get lost. if he flips somebody elses style again, ima changin the channel f’real.

      • barondebxl

        ??? That is a retarded comment.

  • GuestwithacapG

    Not Watching a 30 minute recap.

  • Chris Scott

    Now I fuck wit jjdd but when he battles jc he’s dead DEAD that’s all lol

  • Shawn Deestro Hughes

    mfs say big t snapped he on sum bs

  • SkeeMass

    Nigga just like Reed goin fukk u up!

  • cozzo36

    Females emotional??? A flippin dude and his bitch self was the one that messed the whole nite up!! The females saved the nite if u asked me. I think females battles should be if anything at the major events like summer madness!!! 2 battles at least!!! I think one battle male vs female even!! Doubles, mixed doubles group battles they should broaden their horizons for the future!!,

    • ms marjane


  • A.j. Johnson

    u night not like cuzz,but cuzz got heart he will battle anybody..he dont pick & chose

  • ualreadyknoo

    who these niggas think they are making 30 minute blog videos

  • Chris Conseco

    I fucks wit jjdd. Idc what nobody say. 90% of rappers that beef freestyle on another rappers beat just to diss them. Is that not the same as Jjdd killing someone with their own style? Everybody has their own style and that’s his. Unless you out there battle rapping, stop hating n appreciate bars.

    • url judge

      Lol stealing other peoples bars is not a style. We do appreciate bars, we just respect the people who actually think of the bars themselves and not the people who n steal other people shit. Rapping on another rappers beat is not the same thing as stealing another battlers bars at all!!

  • Dr. Drain

    good recap JJDD. u better be preparing for da bull Reed!!!

  • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

    better be writing for reed

  • TyannaG

    why it take so long 2 put up a dam blog ..dammmm!!!

  • neallive


  • North

    JJ is an idiot.

  • Matt L Parks

    Stay in they lane? He should said they did good.

  • TyannaG

    why make us wait until 12 to put up a dam battle.. dam!!!!


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