SMACK/ URL MC John John Da Don (JJDD) drops a verse over Drake’s “Pound Cake” to keep us entertained until his new project drops on Halloween on . Look for JJDD back in the ring this Saturday October 26th in NYC against Pontiac, Michigan’s JC at SMACK/ URL’s “Sole Survivor” MC Battle event. Tickets can be purchased at for $30 or can be purchased the day of the went for $40. To keep up with latest in MC Battle Culture and true hip-hop subscribe to our channel and log on to . Follow us @URLTV


  • skizz23


  • dasher

    i dont know why but im just not a fan of this dude. he seem like a lame that is acting like somebody he thought was a real nigga.

    i could be wrong but he just seems pussy to me.

    • skizz23

      I can respect ur opinion on if he pussy or not, but does he have bars? Shit, NWA wasn’t really tough guys but they played to it and people dug their music.

      • dasher

        You know what, you right. Cant even debate with that.

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      He weird as fuck. He should’ve played ball with his tall self.

      • dasher



    Dat shit was 14 dayz for me


    Dat nigga spit that same shit when clips and dna was freestylein in the hotel

    • UK Bang Bang

      I was wondering why I heard him spit that shit before… Acting like he was really freestyling lol… He got barz though…

  • Razor

    John John is not likeable bottom line… He has very manufactured confidence that is a direct result from fans gassing him and it comes off lame as fuck… Be yourself John John it’ll work better in the long run… The song is average at best

  • Streets Buchanon

    Thought what he spit was cool im just tired of niggas rapping off this beat. Make songs for albums not mixtapes . Some of these battle dudes are talented they just using the wrong angle to get known past battle rap

  • thrillzdadon

    john john a nigga u never want around but always there


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