John John Explains Fight With Hollow Da Don | Rap Grid Exclusive

This weekend a fight broke out between Hollow Da Don and John John Da Don at a UW Battle League event. John John explains his side of the story on how he originally met Hollow, and what’s happened over the past few years between the two of them leading up to the fight.

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See Hollow’s video addressing what happened:…


  • smoke k

    damn niggas to old for this shit

  • killajing

    end of the day yalll niggas is fighting over “da don” and neither of yall is the head of any mafia crime family

    • Logic

      My thoughts exactly. Making blogs explaining some sucka shit is sucka shit. Period. If they shot the fair one, they shot the fair one. NIggas gotta move on from this corny shit. This fucking website is turning into Worldstar.

  • Clown niggas

    Fucking clowns.

  • BEEP

    how come every time a battle rap nigga posts a video in their home the fucking smoke detector is beeping CHANGE YOUR FUCKING SMOKE DETECTOR BATTERIES YOU BUM ASS NIGGAS

    • clash


    • Brock

      Hilarious!!! Tha fact that you noticed that AHAHAHAAHA!!

    • killajing

      hahaha niggas notepads be burning the fuck up

    • thirdeyesharp3

      That’s black people period lol don’t even lie! Niggas never change they batteries in them shits!

  • The Worst Winner

    Real niggas dont blog or none of the bamma shit about altercations..when you see the nigga, either you gone go, or you not..but to blog about some shit that already popped off is some square shit..

    • fake nigga

      you a fake nigga

      • The Worst Winner

        ..swing on a fake nigga when you see one then.

  • KingRome1

    john john trynna play the innocent role like he hasn’t been talking shit every time they ask him about hallow. even on the hallow vs lux question from vladtv he was talking wild shit . at least we know who’s the real don now

    • Robert Riley


  • Razor

    Too many contradictions and hypocrisies to go into…. You ran on twitter talking about how he “snuck” you and how you’re gonna punch him everytime you see him on some 2Pac shit… Now suddenly he DIDN’T sneak you and you’re not trying to glorify anything LMAO… Then your emotional ass talks for 20 minutes playing the victim like a female knowing damn well you’re on Hollow’s dick every interview… I respect Hollow at least for owning up to the shit unlike this super faggot…

  • Florida Boy

    20 minutes of this rambling no way. i skimmed thru a lil bit but Hollows response was good enough for me

  • InTheClouds856

    It sound like Hollow was boxin and this nigga was wrestlin lol.

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      Nah. Hollow got his ass beat.

  • Shannon Glover

    this nigga sounds like a sucker

  • Steeve Francois

    Niggas really think i got 20 minutes of my life for they bull shit. Another reason why i like hollow more than you, he kept that shit 5 to 10 minutes short.

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      Hollow couldn’t say anything because he got beat up.

  • BossDogg

    Maaaaaan….. STFU!

  • Phil Mclean

    john john a fuckn clown

  • YouraClown

    The logic here is a lot of illiterate DIKHEADS in this comment section who can’t watch or listen fully to a 20 min video but still feel the need to come here and SPAZ shit. You’l take one little bit of isolated information from this video, remove any context, and stretch it out as far as possible to write your bias shit. Fark off!

  • Rexchap

    The ONLY real shit he said……”I NEED MY GLASSES”…..folks who wear glasses KNOW….EVERYTHING stops…i can’t see, i can’t hear…..I NEED MY GLASSES…..ROFLMAO!!!!!!!! They can’t function in this world without them bitches!!!! “I NEED MY GLASSES!”………..LOLOLOLOL

  • H’D

    i believe hollow’s side over john john

  • earlski

    niggah jon jon a bitch he kno he got snuffed hollow banked on diz niggah
    and yall fought cuz u tawk hella shit

  • Smoove80

    You be talking like you mad nice all your battles are debatable you need to add a body to your resume fam

  • mrkj408

    fans of both niggas but jjdd beat hollow ass……hahahahaha.. 6’5 vs 5’10 equals 5’10 better cake that nigga or else some shit like this happens….

    • p waters

      how tha fuck do you know dey height is my question?????? what about weight in kilograms damn nigga wtf!!

    • Onyx

      and why does the height matter??
      if a nigga can fight he can fight

  • Thelifergiver


  • Spike

    Funny story JJDD…u are correct y’all are too old for this..

  • MilwaukeeKid

    Ok his blog is longer because he have background which added to the fact he had no belief there was a problem

    The second part about the fight explain itself same thing as hollow with a lil more detail

  • Lebron Hairline Restoration

    I don’t believe a word out of this clown’s mouth. When Hollow speaks you can tell he’s believable. This nigga fakes his raps and reality.

  • realrap9

    real talk jjdd is a bitter and he a punk 1st off He bit Hollow’s name, then, you lie on twitter that sucka really tho

  • realrap9

    jjdd you look mad wack homie

  • slimeface2o3

    john john lost hollow kicked him out of the club. hollow da tru don

  • k2gees

    John John had a pretty good memory of the turn of events. It was long but he had more details. He is right about the fight stuff. It’s just a fight. they can both put it behind them. But they didn’t need to do this. From both stories, Hollow started the fight. If that is the case, it sounds like Hollow is the one with the issue. He doesn’t need to ask John John why there is a problem. He is the one that let the words get him to the point of violence. SMH….these battle rappers can be extremely sensitive.

    • MilwaukeeKid

      Fo real…hollow started dis fight over some bullshit how can anybody say jj is in the wrong?



  • Axleprose

    Johnny shit talking and downplaying ppl gets annoying after a while not saying hollow should be punching niggaz he just had enough of your shit….just battle rap and shut up…..and stop only showing up for one round…..u nice but mad incconsistent.

  • Treyman

    I’ve always thought this dude was corny for biting Hollows name. What the fuck is he talking about. He fought you cause you bite his name and have the audacity to call him a bitch on a song. It sounds like Hollow is an actual man with principles. It sounds like Hollows believable. Its sounds like a 20 minute MTV Real World confessional. John Johns a fag.

  • Gee

    John John took round hollow Cracc on a nigga and still get fucced up

  • real

    jjdd in the right here. put your feelings aside. hollow just let the negativity and his side men get to him. hollow takes the L

  • Anonymous

    Dude looked like Swave Sevah in the thumbnail.


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