Key & Peele: Rap Battle

A freestyle rapper’s attempt to challenge the reigning champion goes off the rails when his crew experiences some internal conflict. New episodes Wednesdays 10:30/9:30c on Comedy Central



  • KingReese

    Thats how those clowns be in the background, ruining the battles wit the buffoonery. Must b from NY

  • Macmar415

    I’m so glad someone made this video to show all those FANS and EXTRA NIGGAS on stage how they can FUCK UP an event! All they’re missing from this video is a Don Demarco!

  • islandboi340

    Das da nigga that b barkin when conceited rappin


    Damn ars cray

  • DBlock

    Its a parody of “The worst battle rap hype man ever” video on youtube from ibattle worldwide. Look it up, it’s hilarious!

  • SonShun

    Eat ’em LoL!

  • 313kev

    Conceited Hype man lol

  • WTF?

    This was pretty accurate to 90% of the today s battle scene KOTD is the 10% excluded…

    • Agustus Mayes

      The whole kotd crowd be overreacting, wtf are u talkin bout?

  • Wer

    Only thing missing from this video is Daylyt lol…

    • Joshua Jones


    • Kiddddo

      Don’t do that! DON’T DO THAT!

  • Hubert DeRavin

    URL take control of your events Serious jones with his wack ass strippers had no place on the stage. Weak ass gimmicks. I’m glad hoffa knocked him out. Also to many people on stage. It’s out of control. Clean the shit up

    • DatBoyGoo

      Got knocked out? No he got punched and when you get punched real good and someone grabs you then you get dazed more. Look at when Kostya Tszyu went against Zab Judah. Zab got hit good as fuck, just like Jones did, but when Zab got hit instead of getting his head back right he got up too fast which dazed him even more. Math grabbed jones and was pushing him which dazed him more. plus jones was down for like 10 seconds lol. That aint a knock out lol. Thas like seeing somenody fall off they bike.

      • Bacca

        You must not watch boxing. if you’re down fro 10 seconds, that’s a knockout.

  • XtraTrstrL

    LMAO, this is even funnier considering I just linked the T-Rex vs DNA battle to my friend less than 3 hours ago to show him how gay T-Rex’s light skin hypeman is.

    LOL @ the “Of Mice & Men” reference at the end when he’s sitting by the lake with him. This is too good.

  • D-Smackz

    He look like the blood nigga who always with Ars thou

  • Edwin Stagg

    thats the blxxd nigga that be with arsonal lol

    • m jordan

      Right. Real Nigga shit

  • Zachary Coleman

    this look like Dot Mob hype men lmao

    • m jordan

      No brah brah. He look like the Nigga that be, in sea back ground

      • m jordan

        Ars background

  • T$K

    This is parody of ibattle young steady vs k-kendle.

  • plumber420

    His hype man reminds me of concieted faggot hype man….

  • fleezy

    thats how Arsenal b when Surf or Red on stage

  • Florida Boy

    LOL i hope dot mob and ray swag watch this shit

  • hit

    forgot to say…’say it again…say it again’…

  • Manuel

    slow it down, I just dissed you…aaaaaarrrrrrggh!!!!!!

  • disqus_VcmT8lIzvh


  • Wolfpack Toma

    Haha, they got this from that youtube video when the dude be making all those crazy noises behind his mans when he battling lmao

  • Chris O

    EAT EMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

  • ten up

    Hype man look like Arsenal boy Ray Fag!

  • daprince

    Yo these niggas nailed that skit, its on point, I checked that other video on youtube and the similarities are baffling. That shit is funny as fuck

  • Sims da Don

    What ya don’t get is iBattle was parodying Conceited old hype man that used to bark like a dog during real battles.

  • Joshua Jones


  • ☁$tack & Fines$e

    of mice and men

  • ☁$tack & Fines$e

    am i the only nigga that read lol

  • moethetruth

    thats really how they be in the background

  • reese

    thats t rex at k shyne battle verses dna


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