King Of The Dot: The Documentary.




King Of The Dot: The Documentary is the full access story that takes you behind the scenes of the rap battle league. Built on the backs of the league organizers, the emcees, and the fans who continually offer their support, the documentary explores the growth of KOTD from park battles to the international Battle Rap community that has brought the art form to new heights.

Including exclusive interviews, a 24/7 up close and personal short with President and founder Organik, rare-never-before-seen footage from the KOTD Archive, and more, the KOTD Doc brings the true origin story of King of the Dot in our first ever feature length film.

Source : Music Pledge



  • Url Stan

    I watch KOTD battles Pat Stay Is a hand me down Head Ice and shock value rapper…..he beat math tho lol

  • Url Stan

    I fuck wit Organik tho


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    My guy @itsbizkit might have to do a full show
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    That’s what I’m saying
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    I got money schemes that come to me in my dreams .... @ Ceaser's Palace
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    MassBlack / BlackMass @kingofthedot @nems_fyl . I’m So Calm And Focused 🤘🏾‼️
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    We turn Maryland into Jamaica 🇯🇲 every 420 #CaveForever🦇
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    Let her ride yo face from the back hours