• Ran

    Drops Tuesday.11.2014 huh Lmao maaaan i hate yall niggaz!

  • rexchap

    LIke i care about Broner after he did the ZAB dance against Maidana! STFU lil bastard! Talking all that shit and got your bell rung SEVERAL TIMES!!!! Nigga be like “FLOYD, THEY JUMPED ME” after that ass whuppin!

  • whatup

    AB I hope maidana whoops that ass again…

  • Seamlesshustle .

    This is why hi ass was left dangling in the ropes!..He need to work on his craft. He could possibly gross over 100 million in his career if he focused, instead he want to chaw his street dreams!..Don’t prove to the world that pure a dumb nigga!.stay in the gym or your next fight could be your last!..Do you see Floyd out here rapping, or playing ball and shit?..Be about your business!..And we know Mook didn’t get 50K for this battle. Why did he take it? Promotion?..If you gonna suck these real emcees, then stay retired. No one wants to see you battle a non battle rapper. Im gonna watch it though, because I go a feeling Mook is gonna take an L!

    • TFOH

      This wasnt a real battle, this was some bullshit in between the REAL battles

  • dade boy

    man no one gives two fucks about murder mook he not that great and if he came out now he would probably be in the proven ground

  • Kg

    Its funny how fast ppl turn on eachother. He lost ONE decison fight to a WELL-KNOWN, POWERFUL fighter who usually knocks niggas TF out. Ppl lose fights all the time on the streets to fake g’s and dudes with no boxing experience at all, and let’s be real, we all have talked mess before. I am not a fan of Broner’s attitude myself, but 1 loss can’t discredit the fact that he’s a champion.


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