konartist films | Eric Beasley “Nobody drops more classic a battles than URL”

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  • Florida Boy

    I blame yall for the audio….i mean yall should have that way under control by now but Beasley right URL drops more classics than anybody IMO

  • Gee

    Beasley right url prolly drop the most classics but they haven’t dropped a classic in my opinion in a min (other than Tay roc vs ill will at sm3) everything else been light
    SHit might seem classic Cuz it’s “Debatable”
    But It’s not.. jus the crowd gassin
    Ie : (Tay Roc vs JC,shit Seem debatable cuz
    The crowd was ridin wit roc afta his great SM3 showin)
    If Smacc want some CLASSICS Book Lyricist against each other ,not the garbage niggaz who only cud rhyme four letter words)
    Book cats like
    Lotta Zay
    Big T
    Chilla jones

    Stop booking the abc niggaz
    Clips,dna,shine,syah boy,Concitied
    When the last time they had 3hard rounds or classic? but yet they been on the last couple cards that’s why the battles seem weak AF NOW..Fucc “Performance” and faggots who spit so called personals.. get the lyricist smacc..Niggaz who only spit bars,fucc shocc vaule shit

  • Razor

    I hate when URL announces battles, promotes them, shoot the battle, then release trailers, episodes of bra about them and recaps on them… Then when you’re excited to see the battle they don’t fucking release the battle…. Or when they say they’re going to release a battle on a day or time… and don’t… Or obvious hypocrisies like Beasley saying “we don’t release certain battles because sometimes one of the mc’s has a bad performance” then a month later you release that D Gunna battle where he chokes one round then quits in the next….
    I don’t blame Beasley for MC’s having bad days but if a rapper has been consistently lackluster in a majority of their past few battles or a for more than 1 to 2 years (Yung Ill, K-Shine, Shotgun Suge, John John, DNA ect.)…. Then stop fucking booking them accountability HAS to fall on URL at some point… Yes you have classics but undeniably idiotic to release a fucking smash or pass video with a virgin instead of battles while the competition has Loaded Lux Vs Hollow Da Don, Calicoe, Surf, Con VS Clips going on…. common sense fellas

    • FuckNorbes

      Word yo. Smack better put down that eXclusive vodka and shape the fuck up.

    • Smooth Flow SirEgrant

      yeah,. I agree,.everyone except for john john,…dat nigga has been in his bag

    • William “Bawse” Roberts

      DNA been on fire lately, nigga what you talkin’ bout?
      The reason these Smack battles suck is mainly the crowd. Other battle leagues don’t do that “BOOOOO” shit. That hecklin’ shit makes these rapper lose they momentum and drive on stage, you can even feel the energy go down. Smack does nothing to control the crowd.
      Oh and let’s not forget FOGHORN!! DON DEMARCO!! AKA the most annoying thing about URL battles.

      • Aubrey OVO

        Real talk bruh. That “Don Demarco” shit needs to stop. The last battle I seen, this nigga added adlibs like “bang bang bang…” I’m like wtf is this shit doing in a battle? Then I couldn’t even direct my attention back to the battle because of how annoying that foghorn is bruh.
        Smack crowds are always gonna be ignorant, they boo a nigga before they even hear the punchline. So now all these rappers are so scared to spit fillers and their rounds are over-saturated with punchlines that the round wont even make sense…. but it sounds hot right?
        Take my word. Arsonal and UW are gonna take over this battle shit, because all their matchups made sense.
        Smack will let Surf battle any nigga no matter how much he loses and when the battle drops, it’s another disappointment.

  • Url Stan

    Tru Story Yall Have Put Out the Most classics but yall better tighten up

  • wavy

    smack needs to have a 2 on 2 battle card.

  • William “Bawse” Roberts

    King Of The Dot got that classic quality you want tho.

  • brian

    watch angryfan last blog. everybody keep complaining. be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it. I understand every one of yall’s points of views but realistically. if u smack and Beasley and u come on these forums and all you see is negative ass shit. eventually they gon say fuck it. they don’t respect us, let’s cut are losses. UW is still not proven and if yall think kotd will bring u real nigga time battles like url yall on something.

  • Shawn Doee

    on some rs if battle rap industry’s weren’t i. so much competition they could actually help each other grow. And produce 5x more classic’s bigger venues and the culture would grow even more.


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