konartist films | K-Shine and DNA Issue Open Challenge for 2 on 2 Battle

Email: Contact URL for Submission [email protected]
@theDAMNtruthMAG @Devenchi @Industry101


  • Sage_Madara

    I heard clips and DNA broke up around the same time K-Shine and T-rex were having problems so this is the result

    • Url Stan

      DNA was on a crazy Run Before clips came in the picture real talk

  • Florida Boy

    ummmm ok

  • Url stan

    YOOOOOOOO Smack Set this up!!!! I cant front yall might be a crazy combo

    • barondebxl

      Thats a crazy team right there. I think Smack should do some 2 vs 2 since url has been cold, that’ll be different and kinda give them a boost.

  • Belaire_Rare

    DNA And K Shine VS NUBORN and john John Da Don

    • brollick

      lame….them vs verb and b magic or holla.

      • GSCOTT

        b magic & tha real don

  • ferb420

    K Shine and DNA vs Danny Myers and Mr. Wavy

  • niyon

    How are you going to team up with someone you KILLED!!!! K shine is my nigga but he will lose his life fucking around with DNA real spit. DNA is washed up at a young age thats dead ass

  • g_913

    Ash cash nd clips vs rex nd star girl

  • guest1

    DNA wheres CON? now you got a side bitch?


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