In conjunction with his “Bars Over Names” theme, Smack announces an upcoming match up between Sco and Ty Law.

@theDAMNtruthMAG @Devenchi @Industry101


  • Anonymous

    Ty law = all bars

  • Rive

    Ty Law gonna murder this nigga smh. Shit ain’t even fair. Sco is not ready.

    • url Stan

      smh stop riding

  • Reezy

    dont ya also wanna rock these? Okay deal, feature this on your next video for £2k, sounds good? Let me know

  • url Stan

    underrated match up sco got skills

  • SHG

    Ty law 2-1 or Ty law 3-0. I definitely don’t see sco taking this battle at all. Bad matchup too.

  • Itsjustme_mynigga

    Niggas sleepin on sco… N the nigga arguably beat ah di boom… N Ty law can’t keep up wit ah di performance

  • Anonymous

    Don’t zzzzz on Sco…

  • @CTNJBurna

    this matchup is not fair lol. ty law gone 3-0 this guy

  • Cozzo36

    Ty-law, ahdi boom, danny myers, prez mafia need some sort of official promotion to the url premier league or tier” as these pg dudes need to know when they ready for promotion!!! Just like how it should be in reverse when the top tier dudes start slowing down and losing steam to the point where they cant compete with the new breeds of top tier, example “tech9” eness, serius jones, solomon and the likes of x factor soon will also struggle to compete. Dna started the rookie to pro transition by taking on the biggest top tier battlers and quickly took the top spot after killing 5 of the best dudes in the game!!!!

  • #truth

    ty law is over rated…. he is boring asf…….this is the problem with new pg up and coming no stars…we need someone like qleen paper in originality and skill


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