KOTD Blackout 5 Recap – Conceited, Daylyt, Drect & Poison Pen

Drect, Con, Poison Pen & Daylyt revisit KOTD’s Blackout 5.



  • AudiFuture


  • Jamal

    yo id fuck the living hell out of precyse..i know she aint all that but i have a thing for petite girls..plus she be tryna act aggressive..i like when petite girls who u know aint really tough try to act tough..the other bitch made me feel like getting a bat and start swinging

  • Abijah Kennels

    Precyse don’t let this performance get to you the best of them choke it’s nothing first round was yours all day so so just work a lil harder you reppin m.d / DMV you can’t rep like that.

  • William Onehundred

    precyse got a nigga thirstin….she dont even need bars

  • Swagg

    Fuck how precyse look. She lost BAD. 3/0 Miami EASY.

  • Edwin Stagg

    damn these bitches is weak and sound dumb as fuck i would fuck precise

  • http://hoodmovies.net/ Hood Movies

    Couldn’t even watch after the first round! Im thinking they only keep bringing Precyse on here because she is eye candy! she got bars but not for the last few battles.

  • lilpkaibrown

    this bitch with the dress is whack as fuck..

  • DC 19th and Benning rd

    Miami bodied amy winehouse
    damn i thought Precyse was actually good before this

  • lady0609

    Ms Mami killed it hands down queens in the building

  • Biz

    Shorty cute but her bars were weak. Ms. Miami be coming wit’ that shit everytime, Q-U stand up.


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