KOTD – Rap Battle – KG The Poet vs Lotta Zay

@KingOfTheDot – #BOTB6 – @KGthePoet vs @LottaZay
Hosted By: @LushOne, @PlexRock & @Malathion01
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A battle veteran coming out of New Jersey, Lottazay has spent the majority of his career catching bodies under the radar. However, his ever improving skills and abilities as a battler have allowed him to move up the ranks recently, making bigger and bigger waves with each showing. A product of Grindtime, Lotta started out matching wits with emcees such as 9DM, Heartless and Young Kannon, honing his style against top notch competition. Since then, Lottazay has chosen his moves carefully, increasing his stock in showings against Daylyt, Syahboy, and Brixx Belvedere. With his style that mixes a commanding flow and delivery with hard hitting bars, Lottazay has paid his dues in the trenches and is ready to turn some heads as he continues to increase his battling stock.
Somewhat of a newcomer, KG the Poet has only been battling on camera for a couple of years, but has already put more work in during that time than most emcees do in their entire career. With over a dozen battles under his belt, KG has graduated from battling no names to appearances on mainstage KOTD cards and URL battles as well, clashing with opponents such as Daylyt, Sno, and J-Pro. The Michigan battle rapper has developed a deadly repertoire that switches between devastating, drawn out punches and a wildly fast flow packed full of similes and bars to dismantle challengers. Back on King of the Dot yet again, KG the Poet earned his spot on the legendary Battle of the Bay 6 card, against veteran battle rapper Lottazay.


  • just Bars

    Bars! Lots of Bars

  • guest

    both seem fake…..marked out-respect the bars tho

  • xcon1

    KG sucks, clothes to small and dont match.

    • Anonymous

      stop hatin u lookin at clothes thats gay barrs nigga kg won period!!!!

  • Anonymous

    loaded lux vs calicoe painting http://etsy.me/1lqs621

  • Star Anderson

    Kg nasty hasn’t lost yet


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