KOTD – Rap Battle – Pat Stay vs Dizaster (Title Match)

Heralded as one of the best in the game, Dizaster is one of the most well known battle rappers of all time. As prolific as he is deadly, Diz has amassed an astounding 70 on camera battles, with countless more freestyle battles not caught on film. Representing Los Angeles by way of Toronto, the American battle rapper has gathered quite the following of fans over the years, beginning in the Jumpoff WRC days up until the present day. A former King of the Dot champion, Dizaster has been apart of some of the best known battles of all time, including his showdown with Canibus, his legendary clash against DNA, and various other high profile matches. Known for his ability to mix his written verses with freestyling effortlessly, Diz’s unique style has helped him stand out among the top tier. Back in Toronto to try to reclaim the chain for a second time, Diz goes up against Pat Stay to see if he can take the throne once again.


By far one of the most feared battle rappers in the world, Pat Stay has earned his reputation as a heavyweight. The Nova Scotian emcee has one of the largest fanbases in battling, pushing him to achieve his current status as KOTD Champion. One of the progenitors of the written era of battling, Pat helped grow the movement through his immense success starting out in the Elements League. Now a regular in King of the Dot, Pat has posted some of the leagues best performances in battles against longtime best friend Hollohan, Head Ice, and Math Hoffa. An imposing figure regardless, Pat dominates his competition through a mixture of intimidation, knockout punchlines and decimating bars. Having requested this match against Dizaster, Pat Stay aims to retain his status as champion against a hungry challenger in this next release from King of the Dot.


source: King of the dot Entertainment


  • Jlove

    Thanks for dropping this battle Smack!!

  • retro1260

    Pat did his fucking thing

    • LaurynHernandex

      Diz has lost against rex,arsonal,ayeverb,pay stay & chrome(yes Chome!) in back to back battles. He’s a easy W with a big name.

      • Strongchef

        I agree, Diz lost against all of the above, but got a clear win against pat

      • Streets Buchanon

        Dont forget he lost to
        Cortez yes CORTEZ!!!!

    • LaurynHernandex

      Pat just joked with serious ass Diz which made it look like Diz wasn’t a threat lolol

  • Boogie

    Shout out to all my Pussy Eaters

  • brollick

    obviously a biased decision… pat stay is hilarious and had a touching 3rd but dizaster can obviously rap circles around pat stay.

    • Guest

      first off Diz can’t rap. He just says rhymes he has no cadence. That’s why he got booed on URL because they’re used to flow & not talking. Diz lost he’s been losing. The PG’s could easily beat the top KOTD rappers. Diz pure ass

      • brollick

        url is the absolute most biased and boos everybody not from NY when theyre in NY.

        • TFOH

          TFOH…Diz ALWAYS been wack…you sorry ass GT fans thought he was worth a damn….FUCK DIZ…wack fuck!

  • Guest

    This proves that KOTD is wack…look at Dizaster he just talks aggressive & can’t flow. Ayeverb usually raps aggressive ,but chose to just flow on Diz because he knew Diz would lose if with just flow.

  • Guest

    Diz is arsonal minus the cadence.

  • Guest

    Diz got a stutter too when he rapping You can tell he doesn’t know how to flow cause he jumbles his words up & shit

  • WTF?

    R1 filler filler filler choke filler filler puncline…R2. filler filler story time.. filler punchline streeeeeetch filler.. r3 filler filler filler choke filler filler….

  • Razor

    The home court advantage had a big role in this… Pat was too comfortable, they gassed some pretty average shit at times also but overall he did his thing… I can’t take too much from Diz, he had a lot of lines get slept on sheesh but he was spazzin at times… He was just rushing he shit too much when he should’ve slowed down and performed more… Diz is clearly the better battler but Pat performed his ass off and played to the crowd more with the jokes but it was effective… Great battle despite being long as fuck

  • Strongchef

    I not a big Diz fan, but I gave him this 2-1

  • Strongchef

    Seems like to win in KOTD you need to be the best comedic rapper. plus Pat Stay used wild stolen bars

  • http://batman-news.com TKO

    diz aint lost against arsonal,ayeverd or any of the cats u claims,diz bars are nicer than them in punchlines,subhard multies and all you haters boo him cuz he been around,i understand hiphop needs something new and diz is old school but unfortunatly theres nothing new so diz is still king,arsonal i digged his bars againgst drake but that was the only time i felt him and aye verb was good but couldint compare
    stop hating and pay homage


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