KOTD – Rap Battle – Rum Nitty vs Danny Myers

@KingOfTheDot – #BOTB6 – @RumNitty vs @MolotovMyers

Hosted By: @LushOne

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Still considered a newcomer by many, Danny Myers may not have the same number of years in the game as some of the veterans, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t making waves. First appearing on camera roughly a year ago, Myers has already battled a dozen times in as many months. A monstrous emcee, Danny Myers utilizes an ‘in your face’ approach when in the ring, ripping into his opponents with a mixture of ferocity and bars that is becoming less and less common lately. Seen in a variety of leagues, Danny Myers makes his first King of the Dot appearance as part of the Day 1 Battle of the Bay card, making up his half of what was one of the best battles of the weekend.
Another up and comer taking the scene by storm, Rum Nitty is still working hard to establish himself as a legitimate contender. The West Coaster has been putting in work throughout the course of the last year, appearing in five other battles against opponents such as AB Hogish, Young B and Konshis Pilot. A talented emcee, Nitty breaks his opponents down with his combined wit and energetic delivery, overpowering challengers with punchline after punchline. No stranger to either California nor the King of the Dot stage, Rum Nitty returns to the Fresh Coast to take part in Battle of the Bay 6, making his battle with Danny Myers an instant classic.

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@KingOfTheDot – #BOTB6 – @RumNitty vs @MolotovMyers
Hosted By: @LushOne



  • canin

    well Damn, Maybe a classic
    Too Debatable, leaning a little towards Danny though

  • Klitius Smooth

    My house was made of Australian Beer, thats a Foster Home!! OMG.. Mike Myers

  • Klitius Smooth

    Classic, bar for bar on the level with chilla and J.C. This top 5 best battle all time

  • Murlin

    danny myers look like raphael when he found out splinter got kidnapped…..at 9:50

    • WTF!!!!


    • InTheClouds856


  • Michael Knight

    rum got that mane!…both had barz!

  • Streets Buchanon

    A lima bean in a time machine i’ll make you a vegetable in the future #bars they both went in classic battle they both won

  • Streets Buchanon

    You think you the goat so you’re the one imma go at #bars

  • skizz23

    Danny always bring barz…problem is, this nigga gotta learn how to keep his game face on…all those smiles and dappin up the nigga he battling takes away from the intensity of the battle.

    • Streets Buchanon

      I agree but this still easily in top 3 battles of the year

  • GuestwithacapG

    Ain’t no way Imma say either one if these niggas lost. Danny got the first. Second was a tie and the third gotta go with Nitty. One of the best battles I have ever seen. Both of them brought their A game and this shit got much replay potential. BARS!!!

  • Jmarshall510

    I was there live that shit was FIRE

  • Chris Scott

    Classic good shit

  • Don

    Crazy battle… Easily a classic… I say Meyers edged it 2-1 (1st and 2nd round) nitty took 3rd

    • Smoove

      I agree…. A Lima bean, in a time machine…. Ill make u a vegetable in ur future… #Barz

  • Spike

    I can watch this battle over and over. The best back and forth since Cortez vs hitman holla. Both Danny and Rum put on a show. No winner because they both said some hot stuff. This battle was FIRE. Good job to both and I will follow both for more good battles.

  • Gunslinging Joe

    Both of these niggas is nice. Best battle I’ve seen in a minute.

  • Nate

    This is how I want battles to be. If you love bars, you should REACT to good bars. So sick of the tough guy act all these other rappers pull.

    • skizz23

      Rap Battles are lyrical death matches…a lot of disrespectful shit being said and a lot of gun bars…you can’t say all that shit and smile and dap and hug your opponent at the same time…Sugar Ray Leonard wasn’t a gangster but when it was time to fight he whopped that ass, he didn’t hug the maphuka and smile when somebody got a good punch in.

  • brian

    I think this is the first time ive ever seen a battle where both MC’s was dick riding each other so much they look like they was on the same team.

  • brian

    “I cut you into so many pieces ya funeral will be on a conveyer belt” was it really worth an EWWW!!!? I mean I guess. ok then…sure… ..

  • brian

    2 techs nigga. they both sing wit a lisp. so they duet niggas. Sing (duet) like bullets sing so the Do wet niggas. that was the hottest bar of the battle and niggas barely caught it.

  • brian

    Aye Verb alias. I’ll cap ten. Mark get a bowl size hole in ya cranium. ehhww. BARS

  • WTF!


  • FAMP

    Danny M been doing his thing for a minute.. He just a different type nigga.. I give him props for going hard and battling everywhere.. I agree with prior comments, he is a lil to friendly in these battles.. But real shit, the nigga even came to my city (Louisville) and battled D89 Gunna (another beast).. He did his thing here too.. He’s gon kill a lot of niggaz, Im glad he has another classic for his resume.. Shoot out to Nitty too.. “GREAT BATTLE”.. Bout to watch it again.. LOL

  • Hella

    Get both these nigga on that smack stage

  • @gskrillaa101

    this is the best battle bar for bar if you bet money on this battle nobody got paid they both brought that heat the only winner is us this is a GOODIE i neva say this word but this is a CLASSIC

  • unbias

    looks like wild & out spanky vs kevin hart…them niggas went in tho i wanna see one of the vs b magic

  • severe

    B Magic vs Rum Nitty..set it up now

  • Andre Harris

    This is the battle of the year!

  • landro

    Been looking at battle rap for a hot minut3 reall shit…but this was nothing but bars from beginning to end 1 of the toughest…most respected battles I couldnt chooee a winner cus that shit was sooo dope but danny myers is a real problem

  • steelcity705

    the best battle on url is a kotd battle lol

  • InTheClouds856

    Lets…GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Classic!

  • Fernando Morales

    Wow I skipped over this video waiting for new shit then said fuck it’s lets watch it. Turns out it’s probably the battle of the year wtf

  • Galvanized Rap fan

    Top contender for battle of the year!

  • Centerville856

    These dudes went wild on each other! Smack should of have them on a BARS OVA NAMES card!!! Haven’t seen a BAR SLUG FEST IN A LONG TIME!! Wow and I skipped over this battle 100 times. Glad I just said “f–k it” and watched it!!

  • Anonymous

    Battle of the year

  • Pa AllDay

    “I don’t GIVE A FUCK wHAT lANGUAGE YOU sPEAK cAUSE after wE MEET I bET HE PRONOUNCE DEAD” Im a go wit rum on this one

  • Big spoon

    Battle of the year! This nigga said: you may see tears, cases like child support cause they bust once and pay for it for 18 years. …

  • jdsmash



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