KOTD – Rap Battle – Tantrum vs A-Class

One of the veterans who played a huge role in putting the Fresh Coast on the map, Tantrum is one of a handful of battle rappers who hasn’t missed a step between his start in battling and the contemporary scene. A Union City, CA resident, Tantrum is best known for his battle against Dumbfoundead, which has become one of the highest battles of all time. Since then, the West Coaster has been in the ring with big names such as Dirtbag Dan, 9DM and Protege, and is internationally known as well, having battled in the U.K. and Philippines. With a style composed of seemingly endless aggression and high powered bars, Tantrum has stood the test of time as a battle rapper. Back on King of the Dot, Tantrum goes up against A Class in this next release from Battle of the Bay 6.
Another well known staple of battle scene, A Class has been involved in battling for over 4 years, dating back to the GTNY division. Representing for Baltimore, A Class is one of the few battlers to come out of his city, but his work ethic and hustle more than make up for it. With an impressive resume that includes battles against high profile challengers like Rone, Madness, Dizaster and Caustic, A Class has clashed with some of the best in the business and has proven that he is not to be taken lightly. Utilizing a fast paced delivery, A Class rattles off both knee slapping jokes and devastating multis to break down his opponents. Making another appearance in KOTD, A Class returns to California to take on hometown hero Tantrum.

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  • Anonymous

    These cats can actually spit.

  • Anonymous

    loaded lux vs calicoe painting http://etsy.me/1lqs621

  • Bjax

    Nice battle, I got aclass winning 2-1. Tantrum needs to understand, jamming 16 bars into a sentence don’t mean shit, played out. slow that shit down and people might catch all that.


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