KOTD – The Deadman vs Chilla Jones


  • Anonymous

    easy win for chilla jones 3-0
    no debating

  • razor

    Deadman is actually one of my favorites but chilla flamed him especially in those last 2 rounds… chilla seemed to have cut the filler and made more direct disses… it worked this is definitely one of his best performances if not his best

    • Muten


      • muten

        Double Cosign!

      • muten

        Testing Comment

  • acebooncoon

    kotd niggas should stop battling url dudes. it seems like they never win. the west coast and Canada isn’t that good anyway.

  • strongchef

    Except 100 Bulletz bodied jc

  • ogz

    Chilla one of the few niggas i’d rather hear with a mic on.

  • Vonage

    100 bulletz did body jc and charron beat ars clearly too….chilla is mean!! im mad charlie had strep throat batting chilla,

  • ESPN

    Chilla Jones 3-0

  • Realrap

    I cant even tell you what a step down it is for chilla to have wasted his time like this. Note to chilla- your top tier- stay there

    • sem.initial

      It’s about the art

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck is that nigga… chilla deaded deadman hope he brought the same heat for charlie Boston!!!

  • ellaykhule

    deadman got some bars,,but i really hate that voice!!! sorry..sound like he in pain when he spitting

  • kooler

    Chilla iced this dude 3-o


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