KOTD/Big Cheese Presents: Pat Stay – I’m The Champ


  • dope

    that was the illest beat and editing i’ve heard/seen paired with a battle

  • jwash

    So when did Bane start rapping?

  • real lyfe

    Pat stay would be dope on url realtalk

  • Somethin’ Lite

    I know errybody gonna hate but Arcane got robbed for that chain. It was a close battle for sure but I think Arcanes third round was fire and put him over the top.

  • Dope

    Yeah arcane on camera won and had a sick battle. But the fact is a new champ was needed and Pat Say got the judges by having more impactful bars.

  • knix3000

    This shit crazy!



  • Catlin Blackmac McMullen

    Pat stay the dopest white rapper

  • Ajaye Nezbit

    can’t lie…this was a dope vignette of his performance…but if this was done for Arcane it would be a 10 minute video…Pat had very few lines…used the crowd and movement to kill time…i get Stay brought bars and yada…but in judging that battle soley on what it should have been judged on (bars, performance, crowd reaction, schemes and punches)…Arcane had way more bars and better schemes…and he did get robbed…which kind of tarnishes KOTD’s look to do that…especially for the chain…talk about a Montreal Screwjob.

  • Ajaye Nezbit

    Arcane=Bret Hart
    Pat Stay=Shawn Michaels
    not a huge fan of Arcane’s…just stating what happened

  • P.R.BBF

    The choke slam shit could really happen Kane lml

  • yeahyeah224

    well done


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