Kurupt Goes on Enraged Tirade Over Kendrick’s “King of NY” Line

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  • Ajg5197

    For real Smack? Fuck this shit cuz I mean your really falling off posting this goofy ass bubble-gum rap shit. I can’t think of anything worse then an Okwerdz verse.

    You dropping the ball on this movement my du

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BNAUUNOSYW4J34G5I6VFOVJITE Alexander

    Posted by zeekz in blog, Cyphers

    nigga nigga nigga

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BNAUUNOSYW4J34G5I6VFOVJITE Alexander

    Smack-hd.com is Smack

    Not sure why these niggaz on URL, didnt even wtch to be honest but i know these niggaz

  • hackgost

    Good video, but Come’on smmmmmmmmmmamamamamamamamamamamamCK..  Ya dont even have the Clips cs Ars battle up on here.  And a lot of other battles, lolz  hahnn!

    • Murdermookisgarbage

       why would he support those fuck niggaz?

  • Cirac Obama

    Illmac had to adjust the mic stand…SMH.  Step your height up!

  • amsterdamned

    Yo this is dope man! Okwerdz is the shit cant wait for het debut on URL. love from Amsterdam

    • URL Judge

      Okwerdz will NEVER EVER be on URL…..And i liked you’re comment on accident, trust me, NOBODY agrees with you

  • Chillwil81

    THis some nice stuff and yall need to get off smack nutz he loves and supports the hip-hop movement period, and he makes his own moves of what he feels he wants to do so hold your tongue or do something yourself. point blank

  • Karma

    okwerdz never been the same since he got murked by Rone.

  • Karma

    besides ill, the rest of these cats garbage.


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