Light It Up! – Queens native, Action Bronson smokes on stage!

Action Bronson

Big homie, Action Bronson got in trouble for putting “one in the air” ( for those of you who are Slang Impaired, “putting one in the air” means lighting up a blunt/joint ) during his show in Portland, Oregon. He  thew one joint into the crowd and lit a second, a guard to check my man Bronson and got “Stalled On” lol.  A fan caught footage on his IG, take a look. Video. ( credit: MTV for the info. )

How many of you part take the herbal meds? As long as I been alive, Weed was always a part of HipHop. We at the URL don’t allow it our events, we have rules and laws to follow and we have to respect the wishes of the venue, ( although you guys seem to make it happen and light up any way, lol, I ain’t mad at ya’ ) but it’s definitely part of the culture. What’s opinion? or tell me about your experience with Weed and HipHop. Imma’ light one up sit back and wait while you do, ha! oh, and make sure you leave your email addresses in the comments meng! I send the real fans exclusive updates. Holla at ya’ boy.

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  • ElectrikNYCfunk

    Yeaaaa Boyyy!!! Thas that Flushin shit!!!

  • Bee

    Since the Tay roc vs magic battle I smoked at every URL event lol I do like the fact that y’all don’t go hard n try to kick ppl out for smoking eventho you guys really don’t want it but Bud&bars “that shit go together” GE voice


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    The wolf among us game is too lit
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    Sept 9th I'll be there and the 10th no games‼️ I need dat shrimp and waffles 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💯💯💯
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    Nah I'll be at Summer Slam Tomorrow
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