Lil Wayne Is Now A Co-Owner Of TIDAL

Lil Wayne not only dropped a TIDAL exclusive today, he’s also the company’s newest co-owner.

Before today, we hadn’t received any signs that Lil Wayne was involved with TIDAL in any way, but now it’s more apparent than ever that he’s putting some stake in the company. Earlier today, he dropped “Glory,” purportedly the first single from his Free Weezy Album, as an exclusive on the streaming service, and now we’ve received reports that he’s the company’s latest co-owner.

Consequence of Sound reports that he’s “joining the streaming service as an artist owner,” and cites a press release from TIDAL employee Vania Schlogel, who writes:

“We’re honored for Lil Wayne to join TIDAL. His eagerness to release an exclusive TIDAL track and schedule a TIDAL X performance is just another example of how passionately artists care about getting their music to fans.”

No word on how (or if) this will affect his ongoing struggle to leave Cash Money, but expect more Weezy x TIDAL content soon.

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