Loaded Lux Discusses New Single “Ballin’ On My Mind”

http://www.vladtv.com/ – Hip Hop DX sat down with Loaded Lux to discuss his life outside of the battle ring and shed light on new music he has released. Lux spoke about his new mixtape which is being hosted by Shaquille O’Neal, and also his single “Ballin’ On My Mind” and the different messages that lie within it. Lux described “Ballin’ On My Mind” as being a “motivational piece” which is a reflection of where he is from and how he’s evolved to the man he is today.


  • myian barnes

    Good for Lux, he doing his thing musically, which is what his focus is right now. AS far as all these heads complaining that Lux vs Hollow aint on the SM3 card, this is an excerpt from that interview they did with Hollow on HipHopDX

    “As far as ‘Summer Madness 3,’ I don’t think I’m on that card,” Hollow said, before the card was announced. “I don’t know if they’re still doing it or whatever. Even if they did, they couldn’t get the Lux battle put together because the paperwork he wants on his side…I told them, if anything, I’d do the card after ‘Summer Madness [3].’”-Nuff said.




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