Loaded Lux is the most important Battle Rapper for the Culture

Hakim Green of Channel Live speaks on Loaded Lux and how he takes the Battle Rap Culture to another level and why he is important in and outside of the Battle World. Make sure you follow @HakimGreen @Dashliving


  • KingReese

    I agree. He may be the only Battle MC that can go ANYWHERE and not face crowd bias because of rep he built for himself. Not to mention the fact he is still relevant and sought after.

  • Daylyt

    Even tho I like gettin naked in front of men, I think Lux had the best mixtape of 2013

  • myian barnes

    I like Dizaster’s perspective. Lux cannot lose in front of an NYC crowd. Hollow beats him anywhere else in the world. This dude said Grind Time….that’s been defunct for years….not sure if he really as involved in the culture as he makes it seem. Anyone who has been, really following “the culture” would know that it’s been Ars, Con, Hollow, Surf, Verb, Holla, Ill, Calicoe, DNA, Diz, Rex, and the rest of that gen(Rex transcends all gens) who have been holding it down and making the scene what it is. Lux had an amazing round and a half, no doubt, but to say he’s the most important cat in the field makes no sense. He’s done one battle since the scene started popping, and he modeled his performance after what Verb did to Holla. This guy really does not seem to know what he’s talking about…..despite the fact he is obviously a very wise, and intelligent brother. Someone needs to put him on to YouTube. Beyond that, it’s nice to here someone spit from a positive perspective, to spit that science every now and again, but that’s Mood Muzik IMO. I don’t wanna hear two emcees preach at each other for three rds, like Mook said “used to be Nas, but now he talking some shit about the moon and the stars….”This is a confrontational sport, so save the “go black man” shit for the next million man march. I have no problem with these artists getting gully with the rhyme. I have Malachai York, Louis Farrakhan, and Aseer the Duke of Tiers to keep me elevated mentally….I don’t need O Red for that….

    • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

      lux could be rakim of battle rap … his rap was that dope .. thats where this dude is coming from . and he said grindtime becuase of the eras , he also mentioned fightklub . i think a battle rapper can get that way . its one of the reasons lux vs cal is a legendary battle. papoose was spitting that shit on his big sean diss too

    • North

      Dizaster is a fool for the most part. Lux can only win in front of an NYC crowd? That’s incredibly stupid to say. If you knew the intricacies with which Lux writes with and the way he spits his lyrics in a pure hip hop fashion flow, you know he mastered it whereas people like Hollow and Dizaster are just amateurs in comparison.

    • http://worldstarhiphop.com/ JAWZ

      Eat a dick fuckboy.

  • Macmar415

    Finally …..Hakim Green is spending time with me (pause). This is exactly what needs to be said and people need to listen! No one will admit to it, but they all want some sort of change. Those they don’t know any better love the gun bars, but the ones that do understand are constantly questioning the URL vs’s those other battle leagues and struggle to compare the different angles on how we can take from those to better ours (meaning the URL). Lux is the difference we need, or can I say mentality change in our battle rap culture.
    We can only go so far with gun lines but after all the bang bang shoot’em up is over with then what? Nothing is left and battle rap will become, (if not already) a 1 dimensional same rhyme gun-line performance.
    I do enjoy the performances and I’m not hating on any mc or fan for liking what they like but beasley said it himself; he’s not into promoting violence and those venue owners don’t know the difference so why is it we promote battles that only showcase our people displaying how they can either shoot a gun or sell more drugs than the next mc? On top of it, we as a culture made it to BET, but again we look like the typical “Niggas” in the eyes of the outsiders because of the content in which these mc’s speak about.
    I don’t expect our younger generation to agree or understand what I’m getting at, but our older generation is fully aware of the points I’m making. We need more mc’s to step up to the plate and represent in a positive way and let’s leave the gun bars and drug sales at home!
    Can’t host a show with nothing but gang talk, gun bars and drug sales then get mad these guys when they act out then banned people for living what they rap about so it’s got to be a conscious decision on both parts. Meaning the platform and the mc.

  • Nick Corleon [email protected]#$%*

    Lux the Jayz of battle rap

    • NasEminemPunBiggie

      You mean the Eminem..or the Nas….Jay-z is a piece of shit

  • Jedwards

    This guy is on point with what he is saying… URL has gotten this far because of constant innovations and different styles of MC’s, But it comes to a time when these battle mc’s have to begin to bring something else to the table besides a million of the same gun bars. It’s hard to come up with new material every battle but at the same time for the sake of the brand there has to be more than just gun slinging and call of duty lines. It gets repetitive. I want to see more deeper thinking, the gun bars are cool but there has to be a higher level of thinking besides what we have been accustom to

  • n/a

    yea yea elevating the hood and people are all cool but how do you change that if 90 percent of the audience arent elevating themselves and all they know is the hood and guns drugs and all that bullshit….and loaded lux is aight in my opinion and yes he killed calico but their are plenty of rappers underground that will give lux the bizzness…PLENTY!!!! its about punchlines metaphores lyrical ability wordplay similies bars and crowd control fuck what your saying its how you say it ya digz

    • ohgod

      TALK to em, B.

  • yyeepp

    remyD is as close to lux as you’ll get. check him out on youtube. there are other battlers out there but they arent put in the forefront for whatever reason. gun bars continue to get by on URL because of the followers URL has. there were a bunch of people that watched lux vs cal and didnt know what lux was saying. even after watching multiple times. its sad for the culture that the majority are stuck so deep in the hood that they cant fathom much of anything outside of it. something has to change. battlers have to realize they are in control of that change. bring something new to the table so viewers can be introduced to something besides emptying clips. dont get me wrong a few gun bars are ok but not fashioning your entire battle around it.

    • rexchap

      I said that a year ago! Remy D, Lux and Micky Factz be on some INTELLIGENT shit. Too many ignorant, know nothing youngster follow this movement to appreciate Lux, Remy and Factz

  • brandon davis

    not if he doesn’t battle. its been over a year now. tick tick

  • Harlem

    im not going lie he was talking some true stuff about lux and all that coming of the street shit but then he got to
    “you might battle a Asian dude and he say im shotting a cannon but he meaning his gun and like the camera what you going say back how you sell drugs”
    now I haven’t listened to it all caused I switched it of when he said that he needs to go watch some more url battles lol cause this nigga tripping

  • ms marjane

    if it doesn’t elevate in some way, it’s not really hip-hop. i think a lot of fans are tired of the baby food.

  • prince henrry

    He came back when the URL was hot.. The URL dont need dat man…

    • Shawn Carter

      ur an idiot ? URL was hot … Bro Lux was here when Smack didn’t even have URL … Get it … At one point there was only Smack DVD … no money no youtube … and niggas rocked it . So there wouldn’t be no URL if it wasn’t for the dvd’s sold . So no Lux don’t need URL .. He had his own battle league . Stop coming up with ur dumb shit

      • Rexchap

        Shawn, He’s a youngster, he don’t know nothing! SMH!!!!

  • jabarr

    He should’ve said pause after ”digest some real meat” IMjustsaying

  • Pab

    I respect every word that man said … That’s the truth.. We need that brain steak

  • Pab

    Expand of the mind

  • Nicholas Reed

    I think Lux needs to battle the teacher(KRS1). That will be the best philosophy battle of all time

  • Water

    I agree with him, what loaded lux spit was on another level.

  • hit

    Luxx important to battle rap just like he battle….one time every ‘5’ year.!!!


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