Loaded Lux Krazy Arthur (Author) Off the highly anticipated mixtape ‘YOU GON GET THIS WORK’ hosted by Shaquille O’Neal produced by !llmind ….video by [email protected] for more info contact [email protected]

[email protected]


  • Required

    All you’re videos are alike Lux. Switch it up sometimes Bro. Chances of you being a mainstream artist is slim Lux. Get back in the ring..

    • DjMathis

      yeah cause True Love is just like all the other songs he’s came out with right?? STFU!

      • Echo 5

        DON DEMARCO!!!

    • barondebxl

      What? Lil B made it, why cant Loaded Lux?

  • Florida Boy

    Goodz funny as hell…..the song aight tho

  • trev

    man all dis shit wit da battlers nd summber madness makes me wonder if this a hoax cuz smack still promoting dese battlers and dey supporting smack at first i was siding wit smack but now i think smack gon suprises muhfuckas wit sumthin smack i mean da battles may not b good in sum people eyes but he gav us da match ups so i think smack got in stored uoeno

    • millz

      try to convince yourself that but the truth is smack is all about money. He’s in the strip club EVERY night. You don’t think he wants to support his habit. Let him double backwards and see how far that takes him.

  • p waters

    i thought the fucking mixtape dropping today lux damn you want 4o thou for dat shit toooo sheeehhh!!!!!!!!!!!!????????//

  • God Aweful

    Lux is on campaigning like this was planned to lead up to or drop right after SM3. I am starting to believe that SMACK and them might have dropped the ball. Either way I’m fucking with the music and I want to buy the mixtape or album.

  • Art

    Best mc in the game industry and underground bar 4 bar

  • Jarell Dawson

    Who wants to make mainstream…its about mainstream money in the hands of the deserving lyrical talented such as Loaded Lux versus the current on-going facade of wack emcees till then “YOU GON GET DIS WORK” displays lyrical content as a prime objective; therefore, without hesitation I will adhere to its play. The lyrical content in this one video trumps majority of the “self-proclaimed” greatest rappers of all-time currently breathing; we need to reassess the culture of hip-hop and the lames we allow to claim their profession as an emcee. Mad respect to Loaded Lux for goin full-speed ahead for his dream.

    • myian barnes

      Not true. Although it may seem more difficult to craft witty bars and complex multis, It’s much more difficult to move the people, which is why the industry signs every one hit wonder, “wack emcee” they can find. For every wack emcee eating, there are 10 lyricists out here starving….

  • Art

    Need lux on all major cards in the url

  • mitchbuchanan

    its a conspiracy SMACK and lux workin together!!! n i love conspiracies

    • millz

      Nah Lux wouldn’t be promoting his solo project so hard if so. He would be preparing his rounds. You will be disappointed with sm3 and you will deal

  • Dr. Drain

    without Lux, Summer Madness is gonna be Slumber Madness.

  • Edwin Stagg


  • SpiT

    luxx stop acting lik a little bitch and call out JC or Hitman……

  • XtraTrstrL



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