Loaded Lux on Meeting Shaq & Kendrick Lemar

Catch lux debating with kendric Lemar also his lates interview with Sway.


  • Nick Corleon [email protected]#$%*

    Lux doin big shit without the URL

    • Swagg

      That’s what happens when you have the talent and equal drive.

    • barondebxl

      You mean Lux wouldn’t be shit without the URL.

    • ScottyPimpen33

      You think he would be there if he hadn’t done that battle on URL? You think shaq would be on his mixtape? His battle on URL is what got him the exposure to be where he is now.

      • North

        Both you and Baron are fools. It’s not the URL label that blew Lux up (more than he already was) but the lyrical ass whopping he gave little calicoe. If the battle was on KOTD, count the same views minus the incredibly annoying “Don Demarcos.” Do you think the video got 3million+ views for calicoe’s basic bars or to see Smack in the center trying to be in the spotlight? NO.

        • ScottyPimpen33

          Hitman Holla Vs Concieted’s horrible battle got more views in an hour than the KOTD World Championship got in a week. Url is the Biggest brand in battlerap, any battle done on url will get twice the views of one on KOTD. #Facts

  • ohgod

    Ha. The more lux is shown in the company with these big name players in the music and entertainment world, the more his value goes up and the more his demand for 40k to battle solidifies. smart man, Lux. He can turn to SMACK and say look at the people I fucks with. Now pay me what I demand or you dont get a battle out of me.

  • mitchbuchanan

    I forsee Lux on a nice collab but as much as hes feuding with URL i think he still has to show love. and put the 40k issue behind them because they both helped each other and Lux is still getting promotion from URL. they still uploading his stuff. so i dont think its a very big feud, i just think differences will be sorted out

  • LeeMajors

    Movements King; what has worth is worth paying for. He not only asked for $40K, he offered Smack an additional revenue stream. If only 10% of the fans that watched the Lux vs Cal battle (4mil. views) would’ve spent $9.99 to watch it on live stream and or PPV the $40K was a snack box (short chicken for you lames). Also consider the fact that if he does this once and makes the projected profits this becomes a main staple in his portfolio of consistent income potential. Battle rap is world wide and captures a decent part of the market. Smack in conjunction with Lux’s skill set and popularity are the kings of this market. Live stream is an option that allows him to hit these MC’s with that full bucket (That’s a lot a chicken for you lames.) Why not try and at the very least fail, so what. That’s business. OH but wait…Another league is already doing live stream and they are not as big as the URL. So this means this additional source of income is proven or at the very least there’s a traceable record of success or failure. EVEN MORE REASON TO TRY. I guess the real questions are as followed: How do you get a guy who was selling DVD’s to take the leap to the internet and then take another leap to streaming video or PPV? Does he think this is the top of the mountain? I hope not. Furthermore, obviously Lux wants a piece of the action. Any real hustler should request a fractional residual income from the revenues. Question is, Smack are you ready to break off 7-12% of all revenues generated by live stream and or PPV for the life of this endeavour? Note to Lux: intellectual property isn’t worth as much as you think beloved. Note to the URL: A 100% of a snack box will never outweigh a good % of that bucket (now you follow me.) Based on what you just read its obvious that I have an acute business acumen.I also rep Brooklyn hard body! Which leads me to my next question. Out of the 4 dudes that seem to be running the URL who is considered to be the business manager? Whoever that person is fire him tomorrow and give Lux his share of the profits because he just did what that guy should be doing. Listen I like this league. I’m a shark. The moment someone offers your talent 40% more bread for 3-4 minute rounds (Cat’s don’t want to hear dudes spittin for 6-7 minutes.) trust me they will leave for that chicken. This is why I’m telling you Please consider this option and tuck that ego big homie. You have to give up a wing to get that whole chicken feel me. Get at me Smack. You need someone ready to take this to another level that loves the culture and understands what a good exit strategy really is. The next 5 years will either be wrapped up in coulda woulda shoula’s or we can take full advantage of the moment and get that bucket!……Spread Love is the Brooklyn Way!

  • s*°☆jerzcmd

    That mixtape is fire, best mixtape out in years

  • Ricky Marx

    I cant stand negroes who stay with they mama and/or flipping burgers trying to URL how to run their business.

    • North

      A lemonade stand can do better business than URL. That’s conspicuous. SMACK and Beasley are novices. Even after 5+ events.

  • Somethin’ Lite

    Yo Kendrick, you can’t call yourself the King of NY till you battle Lux!

    • Spindizzy

      He cant call himself King of nothing, he don’t live there, he don’t know the struggle, he can get his shit took real fast by underestimating New York. You don’t know NY till you live there. That’s why none of NYs top rappers said anything, he don’t know and what you don’t know can hurt you. he is a ant in the game, Kendrik hasn’t even made a dent, but he got a lot of mouth. I GET THE WHOLE COMPETITION IS GOOD FOR THE GAME SPEECH, BUT HE SHOULD HAVE KEPT NY OUT OF HIS MOUTH. NY SHOULD BOYKOTT BUYING HIS NEXT ALBUM, NO MATTER HOW MUCH NY RADIO SPINS HIS SHIT. that’s like him saying he is king of England or France, see how many people respond. All the NY rappers that responded your idiots for giving this lame a platform.

  • http://RUOfficial.com/ Jamale J Jones

    lmao.. nigga’s outside of the battle rap world are saying “who the fuck is this nigga?” Everyone saying this nigga’s value is going up without the URL.. how? Please explain so I can shut you the fuck up.

  • Pab

    More power for lux…


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