• Omega


  • Right hooks

    Lux is sick.

  • Marcus Jordan

    Why nobody aint picked this man up and took off yet

  • Lamont Deshields

    “if ya favorate rapper dies you know what sniper did it ” lux lol

  • sampirlo

    This Nigga deserve something spacial menn..50 Or Hov please sign him

  • D.Watkins

    Lol “know if your favorite raper dies know that a siper did it!!!

  • Florida Boy

    this nigga is too nice

  • Greggylasek

    the niggas got so many bars in such a short amount of time. this nigga here lol smh…BARS

  • LeftyScissors

    He’s a diva. Hollow Da Don got him his 40k to battle and Lux came up with another excuse and wanted more money. These legends are fuckin up the culture. Battle for the sport, for the competition, for the passion and the love, and the money will come. Thats why I have the upmost respect for people who do 8-9 battles a YEAR! Lux has like three battles on video in his life…

    • CPG718

      You seem BUTTHURT move on weirdo!

  • VII



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