GOD BODY LUX SET THE LIMITS OF NOT EXCEEDING BELOW THE BAR OF FAILURE ON THE RISE TO THE TOP!! You gon’ get this work mixtape out now. http://www.datpiff.com/Loaded-Lux-You…


  • tycarterbk

    Hollow be thy name gave you that work son son

    • Capsstuck

      Loaded got that one, stand up niggas don’t lean! Hollow had calicoes pops blackface as a prop in the third. Gangsta don’t be props, where they do that at? Hollow seemed more like calicoes girlfriend then anything else rofl, Lux I hate you! gtfoh, what did lux do to you, but get you the biggest battlerap payday you ever had. SMH emotional ass rappers man.

      • url stan

        lux brought fake guns last time i checked man dont play wit weapons or caskets

    • Sonny

      i Cant believe hollow tha don brought out young cals father and still took the lost. It still was not enough for everything that lux hit him wit. good battle either way, great for battle rap culture.

    • Bjax

      Lux 2 – 1

    • bearfan

      I got LUX winning 2rds, I watched all UW battles from the high stakes card and the hollow vs lux battle was the only one with a time limit. time limit was stoopid.


      great battle and payoff ..they did a good thing for hip hop and with respect…unlike math …hollow won the battle…he broke down every round that he sketched bout…

    • hushington

      no matter what my prediction or anyone elses are on this battle …you most definetly have to respect the man loaded lux is …bless king…this documentary is real…you deserved that pay day…entertainment wise …hollow got that

    • Champ da don

      Hollow got it 2-1

    • The boss

      Hollow killed this nigga 2-1 he overrated !

  • url stan

    hollow gave you that work!!! 3-0 bodybag an you choked last night smh last two battles you choked legends dont do that

    • Spindizzy

      just watched the battle on youtube and worldstar, lux won two one… if you a lost nigga you might feel a different way. Hollow was saying a whole bunch of nothin!

      • url stan

        you feel lux won you a tru dick rider its a battle not church

        • Tru2daculture

          If thats the case, wasnt hollow saying “lets take em to church…with madd church schemes??” does it apply there too? Man up! stand up niggaz don’t lean!

    • ecko05

      you disrespectful motha……

  • url stan

    fuck you held battle rap hostage for your personal gain john!!! an you pussy spoke on a nigga locked up to his son smh but fans respect that! see his dad an your face turned white john!! seen you die in the ring last night

    • SousSistaWoo

      Lux was NOT shook… He looked Blackface dead in his eyes and did not blink… Then he just looked down and shook his head at the fact that both Hollow and this old Jail house ass nigga are Lost… It was embarrassing.

    • Retro1260

      Realll shit

  • Anonymous

    cant see how yall sayin lux won

    • Anonymous

      L:ux won because Hollow committed suicide in rounds 2 and 3…

      Round 2 – Hollow was a Ignorant nigga

      Round 3 – hollow was a Lost Nigga, who bites the hand that feeds him.

  • Anonymous

    lux fans like beyonce fans true stans

  • Anonymous

    hollow surpised me every round he went up a notch lux 3rd was fire then hollow pulled a mj Game 6 in utah


    For fuck boys saying hollow won clearly don’t know battle rap

  • bigjon611

    1st round tie, 2nd round lux, 3rd hollow…TIE!!!

  • Tru2ThaCulture

    Loaded Lux won round 1 (close), Hollow Got Round 2, Loaded Got Round 3. I understand that people want hollow to win because they view loaded as greedy and a diva…no one want’s to see anyone be “unbeatable”…i liken lux to tom brady, because people hate him due the thinking “he” thinks he’s perfect…so they root for the underdog….truth be told, hollow was coming off a debatable and substandard loss to surf…he had more to gain…lux is coming of a performance for the ages…he had more to lose…hollow is awesome…but truth is truth…he lost last night…anything short of lux calling jesus to the stage and him appearing….he lost in doubters minds…he was battling his last performance….which is nearly impossible to top…due to circumstances surrounding it.

  • Tru2ThaCulture

    also, just because he didnt KILL Hollow like he did calicoe….and Hollow put up a good fight…doesn’t mean loaded lost.

    • Anonymous

      AND you have to KILL the Champ, you can’t just survive, and you especially can not walk away with the win if the champ is lumpin yo ass up and leavin you bloody… Which is exactly what lux did in the 3rd. Not to mention Hollow self inflicted wounds.

  • Tru2ThaCulture

    ALso, this 3-0 stuff….cut it out! it wasn’t a body or a 3-0 either way….that’s pure hate

  • queen of the bling

    It could go either way but I got Hollow winning 2-1

  • Florida boy

    battle. hollow did his thang but lux just on another level

    • Florida boy

      stupid ass comment section messed my shit up but Hollow swung and missed too much for me in this caliber of a battle so im rolling with lux 2-1

  • Carl Fredrickson

    Any body else see hollow writing rebuttals during the battle? You guys okay w/ that? I think the battle was classic, but I think if you’re intelligent you go lux and if you like ignorant stuff you go hollow.

    Lux generally goes ove the head of those who didn’t graduate high school and hollow just yells the loudest.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know about graduating from High school vs drop outs… But I do agree that Lux supports are more exposed, cultural divers, but most of all they are socially conscious and have a sense of self.

  • Anonymous

    Lol stand up niggas don’t lean lol l.o.m living off moms lol “I hate you lux I hate you lux”!!! Lmao lux takes the battle lol

    • SoulSistaWoo

      CTFU at “I hate you Lux… I hat you LUX” WTF!!!! aLL i COULD THINK OF WAS GIRLIE IN bABY bOY SAYIN “i HATE cHU jODIE… i HATE cHU!”

      aND THE FUNNY THING IS lUX EXPOSED THIS SHIT IN THIS NIGGA WHEN HE ask his as “Why yo voice be Climbin why you whinin… Changin pitch like a yankee’s bench… ain’t this a bitch” and points at hollow!


    The only one who took a L yesterday was smack

  • grindmode

    for me it was a clear tie..FACTS2……..hater in here sayin hollow got killed foreal?`…this was the best hollow i have ever seen….he mad creative, the way he put all together, just versatile. Lux is still outta this world…and he cant be 3-0. stop the d-riding tho. And fact is lux was about to choke…he played it well and acted like he was done. all in all thats what you call a classic battle. styleclash…..it depends which style you like more

  • Spike

    When I read some of the comments listed I smh, but meek mills is right about one thing. There’s levels to this. Lux is on a different level. Go back and look at the facial expression of the people on stage. It tells it all. I really believe hollow felt he could land a punch that would even the fight out. I was waiting for lux to go light in a round and it didn’t happen. Lux 3-0 and I’m being real about this entire battle..

  • Anonymous



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