Loaded Lux Wants To Battle Eminem, Jay-Z & Nas

LUX & THISIS50 chop it up ON HIS NEXT THReE OPPONENTS HE WOULD LIKE TO CLASH WITH. Lux’s new video “never win” releasing soon.


  • Anonymous

    stop wit the fuckery….these niggaz will never battle this nigga and he lost to hollow

  • Anonymous

    He’s the type of battler that has enough style to not be able to get a complete win off… like a rex… or goods etc. To much style. Personally gave it to hollow, but overall it was just a good look for the culture.


    wish they would stop calling out these names that they no aint eva gonna battle. lets see the mook rematch. mooky gonna get that work.

  • Anonymous

    I fucks wit lux. Haven’t seen him lose yet. Based on bars and lyric… butc seriously lux. Em? He prolly cud give it 2 jay n nas but em is the best lyricist of all time. Dead or alive. Plus he came 4rm battle rap…. lux a lil ahead of hisself. Em wud give him dat “work?.

  • jawz


  • nino

    i want to see mook kill hollow da don

  • reese g

    This nigga done lost his fuckin mind that little buzz u got from calicoe done fucked this lost nigga head up

  • Yooooo

    Nigga you made hollow battle debatable gtfo…..

  • Anonymous

    thats why yall remain lost….there is no limit when it comes to reaching goals. why not.

  • Gee

    Y’all niggas nd to stop hate ing lux is the best battle rapper today now when it comes to jay z,nas,em idk but I will still go for lux

  • Rexchap

    Lux talked to hollow.. yall like that cute shit hollow did, but lux talked to that boy lux 2-1

  • Anonymous

    its ok now,,,,,if yall think lux won its all good,,,man stop forcing ppl to share ya view

  • Anonymous

    He probably could beat jay-z, Hmmmmm i dont see him winning against nas N eminem , he can forget about it. . Lux is at a disadvantage 3-0 before he get on stage. So he betta write 6 verses n pray

  • Anonymous

    You hav to beat Hollow first preacherman

    • MMLP2

      He did. He killed Hollow every round. THose who think Hollow won probably can’t spell their own name in their minds

  • Truth

    My opinion hollow won but it was close no debating.. Freestyling wise eminem would murder him, nas would definately outbar him today as well as jay-z freestyling and his written.. If lux comes with his sMe performance and same type bars everytime then lux fans will never have him losing no matter who he battle tho..

  • Jordan23

    I’m a huge lux fan but since everybody saying he lost to hollow he’s sounding a lil desperate calling out em,nas,and jay?…..GTFOH!!


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