LOADED LUX – You’ll Never Win



  • Rg

    damn right after the batlle this drop lol. nah but the track is good, he pointed out a few things on here. i got lux winning 2-1 or a tie. if someone says hollow winnin 2-1 i cant be mad at that either. best battle in a long time. good shxt king !

    • boywonder

      where that swave vs raw? its overdue for real.

    • Anonymous

      Yea hallow won

      • facemob

        U must b one of them hollow fuck boys.. of u def or don’t understand real shit..Lux won bottom line..and the Only reason hollow dick riders say he won is because he didn’t get killed as bad as CAL. Lux bars is to much for any body.. the best

  • Anonymous

    he sound too much like 50

    • Anonymous

      nah bruh you trippin..he sound more like a young gucci mane….stop the biting lux

      • Anonymous

        Gucci mane? wtf were u listening to

  • Chi Towns Finest

    Hollow whooped his ass!

    • Anonymous

      We don’t wanna hear that bullshit shareaf

    • facemob

      Dude u sound how hollow got did..bad.. guess u a hollow lap rider..bag back and get off that salt..surf killed hollow so how can u say he beat lux. U probably think lil Wayne good to. U probably a fuck boy so u don’t No any better

  • Jenny

    Aint nothing solid about you hollow. Stand up niggas don’t lean king. Lux took hollow out, wasn’t as bad as he did calicoe, because Calicoe didn’t know what to expect, Hollow was ready & made it debatable. big up to uw for making that happen. but everybody with common sense know that lux took that 2 – 1.

  • Loaded got exposed

    hollow not better, but he had more fight, loaded still # 1 . Top 3 Loaded, DNA , and Tech 9 ( bring tech 9 back)

  • Anonymous

    yall talking about this uw stuff….you gon see they dont do it for the culture….but gotta respect their business moves and all. See how they made the event go viral on twitter and all that. the whole “the battle is not gon drop on youtube”-talk was definitely pr

  • muta

    if u got with eminem u would be on he,he should do the hook,with all do respect.it would start the movement u reaching 4 trust me.


    black fist up!!! good song beloved.

  • What’s cracking wit it

    Lux won 2-1 hallow def made it debatable.. To the guy that say lux DNA and tech are top 3 bwahahha idk what you look 4.. Heres my top 3 lux, arsonal, and young ill

    • Anonymous

      you gotta be new fan…spelling hollow “HALLOW”

  • razor

    track is aight… but lux loss to hollow sorry dickriders

  • Spike

    3-0 lux…watch everyone’s face including hollow when he spit that fire. Lux crafted each round and told hollow “u gone get all this.”…dang

  • Yoooooo

    This song ain’t bad..I want to hate on this but can’t.oh well I’ll just make fun of the big lip gremlin behind lux..

  • Anonymous

    this song is about this work

  • ant

    Dope song,
    the battle is almost debatable but hollow bodied rounds 1 and 3, he out propped lux (Ps don’t rush your delivery and the calicoe pops) he out barred lux and out performed lux. lux’s 3rd round was fire but hollows’ was stronger to me

    • Anonymous

      He said “what I’m trying to tell You, Ps (UPS) don’t rush your delivery ” now that line even harder knowing that

  • Retro1260

    Shitt if i was salty i would of made a song to lux a clown so niggas can say he won lol

  • Anonymous

    Retro. You’re an idiot. Factz.


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