Lotta Zay Names DNA and Nu Born in Bottom 5 Worst Battle Rappers


  • Razor

    You and DNA came out the same time yet you’re calling yourself the new wave LMAO… DNA is above you in every category you can make as many melodramatic attention seeking statements as you want… Then Nuborn was on Smack while you were choking and losing to 9DM on grindtime… No more interviews bro either rap or shut the fuck up niggas get fans and start talking all kind of dumb shit…

    • Florida Boy

      honestly didnt know he was battling that long….the arrogance is crazy with these dudes

    • I feel what he saying

      I don’t really thinking he was talking about being new to battle rap, just a new wave of dudes that are considered “top-tier” or on the scene more than the current dudes. He has been battling a minute thou, he did take a few Ls along the way too. Him and that cock-eyed nigga Lance. He probably salty them other Jersey dudes surpassed him, but he is a pretty decent battle rapper. DNA was more of call out than diss.

      • Florida Boy

        this interview make him look bad tho

      • Pappy Mason

        Thank you that’s all he was he trying to do get DNA to battle him what better way to do it then this call him 1 of the worse on VLAD TV

        • Jamal

          i dont buy it bro..dna pretty much battles anyone who challenges him..it would be one thing if it was a battler thats stuck up..but DNA battles anyone who challenges him that has a name.. DNA would battle him if he said he respected him and wanted to do it..but why would dna battle him after he said he the top 5 worst..so what does dna gain from battling him? and you forget he lumped Nu born in there..so you saying he wants to battle nu born too from your logic then? come on …niggas get one or two battles and start feeling themselves…it aint dna fault that zay been battling since 1999 and aint never get on..dont say you the new wave when you been battling for damn near a decade..it was the wrong move against a dude that has a big following…niggas need to be smarter

        • I feel what he saying

          Exactly how is calling out DNA a bad move? Lotta got a few battles here and there anyway, and all it take is one battle against a top tier dude to generate views. It ain’t like DNA the measuring stick for who get URL battles. It’s battle rap and DNA ain’t Lyor Cohen or LA Reid. If DNA stans choose not to watch Lotta battle so be it the niggas get their money upfront and it’s plenty of battles that don’t put up numbers. Dude specifically called him out so apparently he wants to battle him, if calling him bottom of the barrel does it then he got what he wanted. If it was a call out then so be it, it’s his opinion.

        • Jamal

          no he didnt call him out..he said hes the top 5 worst…then he added nu born…if he wanted to just battle dna why include nu born? say what you want…if he had said i want dna because i respect the work he put in..that would of been accepted by the fans and DNA..DNA dont duck nobody he battles whoever..so why did he need to call dna the worst battler to battle him? i said it was a bad move discrediting DNA because he has a big following..i dont know where you heard him calling out DNA in the blog but in your book calling someone the top 5 worst is calling him out..if he had said dna is the worst in battling and didnt include nuborn then you could argue he did it just to get under dna skin..but when you include someone else..u put both battlers on the same level..

        • I feel what he saying

          “He on my radar” So however you take that. Either way if he thinks the dude sucks then that’s his opinion. I don’t think people really care if he calls out DNA, it ain’t like Lotta about to be black balled from battle rap for calling out some irrelevant ass battle rapper. It doesn’t matter how much work DNA put in, if he think he sucks then he can battle 100 times and that won’t change his opinion that he sucks. Or if he did it to get a rise out the dude and set up a battle, then he served his purpose. DNA just dropped a blog about not being stepping stone. You think he would be considering Lotta for a battle just cause, or did Lotta Zay make him consider it?

  • Realshit

    Your not new you have been battling just as long as the niggas your bringing up..

  • Jamal

    I actually liked lotta zay till this..he lost a supporter over here… to make such a statement sounds foolish and like a fucking envious hater..new wave? you been battling for like 10 years..how is he new? that being said look how many battlers are out there..Vlad didnt say who you think is overrated..he said the top 5 worst..so how could dna and nu born be the worst out of like 10000 battlers doing it right now? sound like a nasty bitch nigga hater…

  • Dj

    I think when he says “New Wave” he’s meaning people other than the regular faces that we see on the URL. Cause we damn near see DNA battle EVERY event, and I got tired of DNA like 3 events ago lmao

    • Jamal

      yeah but to say top 5 worst and name dna is just insane…im not the biggest dna fan but come on bro..thats some hating shit..dna has acomplished so much and its not by accident

  • Gee

    Finally a Real Rapper with metaphors,wordplay,multi rhymes schemes acknowledging how garbage dna is …nigga hasn’t impressed me since the oun p battle and thats like in 09..anybody saying dna is a betta lyricist dont know shit about emceeing..lotta zay ahead of that nigga by a hundred miles

    • Leekluv216

      THANK YOU BRUH!!!!

    • Vonage

      Yea lotta Will beat him bars wise but if ge turn up then he can beat lotta in a battle, it aint all about bars, bars is like 70% the rest is delivery, wordplay, freestyle, rebuttals, performance, presence , unpredictability etc… things like that

      • Vonage

        *if dna turn up

  • Nolies357

    Why Would Lottazay Want To Battle 1 Of His 5 “Worst Battle Rappers”….. Sounds Personal Or Maybe He Might Be looking For What He Thinks Is A Easy Win…

    • Nolies357

      NuBorn Need To Catch That Body…

      • H’D

        nuborn CANNOT beat lottazay. not 3-0, maybe 2-1, but lottazay is nice, and he WONT choke, plus he can freestyle.

    • rexchap

      EXACTLY…but he’s on your “RADAR”….for what reason, if he’s the worst?? NIggas are dumber than ever…they have no idea how they sound sometimes!

  • Streets Buchanon

    He doesnt sound like he has anything against anyone . Its his opinion which we all are entitled to. Thats why you cant really voice opinions because people get sensitive . Im a fan for DNA but I feel he spreaded himself thin this year . At the end
    Of the day Lotta Zay is a beast and hes dope and he is part of a new wave of URL rappers not battle rapping on a whole

  • fuckfreeworld

    theres a difference between calling somebody one of the worst battle rappers and calling them out…if DNA so wack y the fuck u wanna battle him? This guy fell of smack who is the nigga.

    • Vonage

      I agree 100% Dna did fall off but he’s not bottom 5 he’s a fuckn beast, he’ll always bring one great round to the table but ppl are just starting to get tired of seeing him he’s battled alot with the samr repetitive format, I actually think dna can beag zay if he brings his A game and he betta cuz zay a monster

  • TipOfTheIceberg

    Lotta should have clarified that he thinks DNA is the worst ‘top tier’ battler. That opinion would have made more sense. Im sure that’s what Lotta meant. Like…how is this dude good enough to have the spot he has….that’s prob what Lotta was thinking.

    • Leekluv216

      Regardless of what Lotta was thinking, DNA is ass like sodomy. I can’t even stomach 1 minute of his rounds.

      • TipOfTheIceberg



    Alot of dna dick riders forreal DNA is a punching bag to these top tier battlers…why would vlad ask for 5 unknown niggas makes no sense and none of the viewers would care.

  • Fats

    DNA is the worst rapper I ever heard bar none

    • Leekluv216

      LMAO, nah Fats, I wouldn’t go THAT far, however dude is trash bag terrible! I just don’t get it fam, I don’t understand where the fans come from?! Maybe we jus hear different shit lol…

  • Fats

    If he starts off one more battle n rhyme smack with back I’m gonna lose my mind….. Against magic he said that last event almost took u out the game smack so u had to bring these names back……. Against chilla he said like I came to play on smack so I showed up without it to let u know the old DNA is back……. Recycled bullshit

  • H’D

    i like lottazay, talk your shit man. thats the way the game go. but make sure you back it up

  • RogerBliddack

    Ha! Looks like we got the 1st battle of the Summer Madness 4 card… DNA vs Lotta Zay. Ayo, Smack set it up.

  • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

    the niggas he names are the niggas hes calling out . hes not saying they are the worst .. how would u wanna battle the worst rapper ? u dont get it . hes calling them out .. he wants to battle them .

  • Hubert DeRavin

    Shut up you would battle him right now

  • AxleProse

    Lotta zay was in innuendo. nu borns click.now he team homi….so there is some tension there as well

  • bigmacwhat1

    it is jealousy he asked for the top 5 not 2 if lootazay would have named 5 instead of two then i would have looked at it different


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