LottaZay responds to DNA’s Vlad TV Interview


  • Omega


  • ZO

    Dis nigga do sound salty……..

    • Jlove

      I love it when niggas say “I wasnt gonna make this blog” Negro please, you WERE gonna make this blog, smh Funny niggas

    • Words By Nathaniel

      You Pussy Ass Niggas really think D.N.A is Nice? Yall are crazy dick eatin faggets, D.N.A is trash and you could tell he was scared during that Vlad Tv Interview

  • Omega


  • Omega


  • TipOfTheIceberg

    That’s how you know battlerap still aint figured its shit out. These 2 niggas doin all this back and forth on video but they wont battle each other but Yung Ill bout to battle Verb. Same with Verb….all that back and forth between him and Swave but they wont battle. Niggas need to get their priorities fixed.

  • Jamal

    sorry to tell you Lotta Zay you’re a jealous hater…heres why…Numbers dont lie…all the shit you said about character, the battles etc..DNA still has a wayyyy bigger fan base..what does fan base mean? he has more people out there that like what he does than what you do. You sound salty..you could of named numerous niggas worse than DNA fact you named him shows jealously..dizaster..tech 9..kotd rappers..i mean the list is huge..sounds like a personal issue..yall doing this to hype yall battle up..i see it now…even daylyte 10000 times worse than dna

    • smack’s beard

      Daylyt 10000 times worse the DNA? I needa fuck with the coke you be on nigga.

      • Jamal

        fuck yeah daylyt nigga..daylyt is trash nigga..you cant tell me one thing he ever said..nigga does antics..and he say some shit sometimes but the way he says it sucks..that nigga aint no where near dna level

        • Gmoney

          daylyt: dl vs shotty horrah dragonball z scheme, dl vs math : watch the motion (does a knee strike) i need the win (i kneed the wind), dl vs zay the simpson scheme. daylyt got BARS nigga. and zay sonned that nigga. dna was nice but he mad garbage now. zay would son him too. DNA aint got shyt on DAYLYT or my nigga LOTTA ZAY.

  • ferb420

    DNA vs Lottazay N.O.M.E. IV. Book it Smack.

  • Canin

    Dis nigga is so jealous/envious. Lotta and DNA both started at the bottom, but only DNA there. Lot mad nigga, well DNA glad nigga!

  • Realshit

    DNA got this stupid nigga emotional and really explaining himself…A whole blog about a nigga simply gay ass Fuck…URL This is not on Real Nigga Time..

  • Queen of the bling

    DNA is one of my top 5’s, I had to research who this Lottazay nigga was and this blog doesn’t do nothing but prove DNA’s point.

    • Poison Pen

      You had to research Lotta? Must not really follow this battle rap shit
      DNA fucking wack

  • SoSSalty

    Some gotta have the last word as nigga. You threw a shot at him, he threw one back, why you making a 10 minute video about it bruh. Damn, these new niggas got thirst in they Dna.

  • Murlin

    give bill collector hid beard back…..im out

    • J Fox’s Mom’s Pimp

      WORD!!! Lotta Gay and Bill Collector put together make a whole beard. One day they’ll finish puberty and their beards will fill in.

  • Streets Buchanon

    They will battle soon and this builds anticipation DNA will get smoked though sorry to tell yall and I’m a fan of DNA just being honest

  • MilwaukeeKid

    Dude contradicting himself if the goal is to battle rap in order to turn ya fans on to your music…how can he try an clown shotgun suge??? Lights outs 2 and the growth r cold as tapes

  • hilltopdel

    He sound jealous to me.

  • Vonage

    I Feel You About DNA Kinda Fallin Off But It Do Soun Like You Hatin, You Battled Alotta People But he Got a bigger fan base

  • doobie

    Why yall think he jealouss?? It just passion about his comparisons lol

  • RogerBliddack

    Yo, Lotta Zay… I know you reading this… Word of advice… this WHOLE video should have only been less than 30 seconds long. Real Talk. (Not 10 minutes, dawg.) All you had to do was turn the camera ON… and say….”Me vs DNA…. Smack, set it up…. or KOTD, set it up… or Block City, set it up. Anywhere. Anytime.”……………… Then turn the camera back OFF.

    Because the other 9 minutes of your rambling footage makes you sound REAL salty.( If you REALLY don’t care about battling DNA, don’t waste any camera footage discussing… “not battling DNA”… cuz your ‘actions’ contradict your ‘words’ right about now.)

  • Bobby

    You idiots are missing the bigger picture here!!
    No matter what you think about Lottazay or DNA… The fact you give an opinion on the matter is whats good for the culture of battle rap… the more you compare these 2 niggaz… the more you giving them both props… at the end of the day thats what its all about!!
    Both niggaz are happy with themselves no matta who better, who jealous or who iznt.. They both got lotta potential than most to keep yall tuned to battle rap!! Recognise!!

  • Timothy Bias

    D.N.A is not the worst by far but he is not the best either he just battling to pay his bills and things that’s real life outside of battling it’s his job/

  • Tony Brown

    I agree with LottaZay DNA is trash. His all around performance is off. I would rather see a LottaZay vs JC battle. I don’t care to see him battle DNA

  • J Blangz

    Yall mine as well set it up….DNA vs Lottazay ….I do feel like ill will and lottazay tied in UFF……this blog aint even have to be made…..this should of been the battle announcement

  • Strongchef

    He real aggy.

  • H’D

    who cares what he says, lottazay is NICE. let him fuck up whoever he wanna. team homi

  • AlgebraKiller

    Lottazay speaking Lottanothin



  • Fuck DNA

    Comments from all DNA fans, fuck that snaggle tooth fuck nigga. If Lotta fell like DNA sucks then so be it, how another nigga going to tell you how to feel. I feel DNA a bum so fuck him and his record and charlie clips.

  • DeeBee662

    Lotta zay has no reason to be jealous ive seen a couple of his battles where d.n.a. was on the sideline dick ridin his bar but one thing about it if they do battle its a wrap for dna in a bodybag that is. All Body Bags Official and dna im sure lotta got one that’ll fit you!!!!!!!!

  • MJ0810

    zay is dope and better than dna in my eyes

  • Gee

    Lotta zay has a point ,dna hasn’t progressed for the last couple years..nigga still got that garbage ass style..truth be told I’m sure nobody cud quote sumthin from dna the last two years WITHOUT WATCHIN A BATTLE TO FIND A LINE..Lotta zay would punish that nigga LYRICALLY NO DEBATING

  • worofmouth


  • MBreezy

    Nigga go shave with that ragedy ass beard

  • Jeremy Marable

    DNA & Lotta Zay both made good points; bottom line is they both need to cut out all this back in forth stuff. Battle or be quiet

  • DollarBill

    Yo! LottaZay I know u reading this nigga! Grow the f**k up! U sound like a whining B*tch!! Man I’m mad u from Jersey! But see ur from Long Branch another suk azz part of NJ that real niggas not from. I don’t know who is worse btwn u and AhDi Boom being from Vineland!! Don’t rep Jersey say Long Branch!! U suk DNA nuts (pause) for 10 mins!! U emotional faggot! Oh yea nigga I from Camden Nj, Centerville nigga u know we go hard n how we get down! Come thru anytime! Holla the name DollarBill. 2013 n niggas still have nappy beards foh!!

    • LottaNothingToSay

      Word up this nigga reppin NJ wrong..Newark in the building. He keep stating that he’s not hating….for 10 mins tho my nigga? yeah u sure is hating like a bitch.

  • Timothy Bias

    This dude Lotta Zay looks dirty and looks like he stinks shave your beard or get a shape up stop wearing stinky T-Shirts and get better money so you can be more marketable

  • flipper773

    This nigga is outta his mind. Sound like a real jealous azz nigga. Not one of his lil small battle can compare to any of dna battles. Dna got so many damn classics under his belt come on dude and talkin bout this year saw what he did to chilla. Shook the whole building up his 3rd round and beat k shine. first two rounds were fire. stop it dude. stop hatin on the yung nigga.

  • RexiRican

    Smack who is this nigga?…You just made a 9min video and you’re not hating…knock it off man…DNA has made his impact on battle rap what r u doing? You sound real salty…he did the same thing to JJDD y’all..bcuz the nigga battle career surpassed his. Im not saying you can’t beat DNA but your approach is wrong. you can’t say the nigga is bottom 5 and then say you want to get in the ring with him and then make another 9min response video bashing the nigga. Cut it out man you aint got bars like that, and Bill Collector just called and said he want his beard back.

  • Hubert DeRavin

    Who is this dude. who are you battling with a Name. Come on dude you thirsty. If SMACK Offered the battle you take it. Stop it….

  • Hubert DeRavin

    Daylyte don’t count daylyte is a gimmick.

  • Hubert DeRavin

    Lotta Zay is nice but he sound like the Mad Rapper right now. C’mon man quit bitching on camera

  • Anonymous

    nigga i aint never heard you say nothing hot lottazay aint got shit to say you suck nigga

  • Anonymous

    this nigga suck anyway stop talking lottazay jealous ass nigga you just tryna get a battle no matter how many battles you have nigga you still gone be under dNA bitch ass

  • blizz

    wow nigga you didnt boby shit thats why your name not ringing bells like dna thats why you mad you battle for 100 dollarz ole bum face ass taco meat lookin ass nigga

  • louisfifth

    he wants to battle him you can tell thats y he is being careful with his words…….p.s dna is waaaaaaaaayyyyyy better than lotta zay and dna is right he has no character and his latest battles are extremely boring!!! i cant even finish watching any of lotta battles besides him versus tone im not fucking with him plus suge just destroyed him.


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