Lux & Hollow vs URL & UW Discussion (INSIGHTFUL)




  • Macmar415

    I still don’t care what people say hate it or leave it. Lux Choked 1st Round. (For his 2nd round) He finished his 1st round so for 2 rounds we only got 1 round. Then, his 3rd round the nigga rapped for like 10 minutes. Had he been stopped after the 3 minute mark we would have never heard everything Lux spit in his 3rd so how can people still give him a 2-1 win? He had bars but since the beginning of time in battle rap, if you choke (as bad as he did more so) you lose that round. Even if you give lux the 3rd (after he rapped for like 10 minutes) you still can’t win a battle off 1 solid round verses all 3 of calicoes solid rounds.
    Lux took the 1st and 2nd round JUST to finish his 1st round cause he choked. Then his 3rd round was long as fuck (well passed the 3 minute mark). With all that being said and knowing Calicoe had 3 SOLID rounds, anyone thinking Lux won that battle is on tainted molly.
    Lux got bars for days and way more talented than most battle rappers out. His word play is stupid crazy! But if we’re keeping it all the way G from the old school of battle rappers (like where Lux is from) if you choke and can’t bring it back AT ALL during your round that’s a lost round, period.
    I don’t want to hear 2 rounds of 1 verse nor do i want to hear a 10 minute 3rd round when he should have stopped at the 3 minute mark (thank URL for that one). No telling how this battle would have been judged had the actual battle been done properly.
    Anyone know how Lux was able to get that Calicoe shit on the screen, but Serious Jones wasn’t able to have his shit played during SM2? Shit is lookin’ Shakey Baby!

    • BAttle rap god

      your logic is fucked up! LUX lost the First round because he choked. He clearly won the second and clearly won the third. Each round is a different round. You can’t merge rounds together you dumb ass nigga

      • Macmar415

        Lux even said he finished his bars he had for his first round in his second round. So that’s 2 rounds of the same 1st verse right? How the fuck did lux plan on rapping for 6 minutes in his first round had he not choked anyway? You’re the type of fans that fuck this game up with bias ass reviews and comment like “Dumb ass nigga”, but you’re calling me out as being dumb?
        How the fuck did he “clearly” win any rounds? The nigga said some shit in his 2nd that was aight but who the fuck understood most of it? The 3rd was fire though, but again, it was fire cause he “Got All Night” to spit it! His 3rd wouldn’t have hit had he been cut off after 3 minutes!

        • reallydoe

          calicoe get yo dumb ass off this shit man

        • Chosen15

          This juss shows dat calicoe didn’t take advantage of the opportunity of lux chokin he died with a verse in a half. He ended on” Harlem hospital bring dem beds out” this is we’re a freestyle rebuttal could have put cal over the top and kept him alive but it was no creativity. It’s not about who has the most solid round it’s about who has the better bars and lux had the better bars with a verse in a half which tbh is a fuckin shame. Dats the delima,it all comes down to who pen is better



      • Macmar415

        Lol. Someone needs to let these cats know what time it is. Some of these fans tweet, some use the FB Groups, Some use VLogs, & some are regulars on Battle Rap Arena. I chose to use this as my platform to state my opinions on.

    • North

      You sound like an oaf. What do you prefer; quality or quantity? In this case it’s Very Good quality (Lux), vs subpar quantity (Calicoe). Lux split his first verse in two…so what? Are there rules that say someone can’t use their third round for their first and so on if the rapper decides to change his mind? Absolutely not. If you choke you lose the round, that’s it. No further need in mentioning it. And as far as the time limit, there was no time limit, measure Calicoe’s rounds and they’re not consistent either. Nobody stopped Calicoe from passing 5 minutes, his dumbass didn’t prepare better (not that he could of won anyway). Calicoe got his ass handed to him, lyrical heart-surgery of which he barely recovered.

  • Brim-lo

    man nigga was u even in the room when they talked bout it lux asked for 40000 and they said no period

  • Brim-lo

    this nigga is pissin me off aint nobody gonna agree wit anything u sayin

  • ArkansasBlacc

    You talking from a business aspect that these fans can’t comprehend, and lux third round was a huge contradiction he just as “lost” as calicoe #keep it real

    • North

      Is Lux fighting dogs, chickens, and other animals? Is he claiming he’s selling drugs and killing people? No? Then they’re vastly different.

      • ArkansasBlacc


  • God Aweful

    Awesome crowd participation? ….. I stopped listening right there.

  • Jamal

    some reasonable you said its subjective..I could argue that SMACK filmed Mook and Lux when the shit wasnt popping..that footage along with other free ones helped to build up his platform. As people can see what do these leagues do when they wanna get seen? Book the big names..Niggas act like Smack posted the battles online..yeah he had it on the DVD but it was random niggas who had the DVD that uploaded it to youtube. Then the battle and the culture got when SMACK was ready to come make his league he already had a i could argue Lux, Mook, rex etc helped his platform get to where it is and made Smack shit pop to where it could get to this level..Not to mention all the artists who Lux showed to the world which also battled on URL to help build it up even more, then the whole midwest/east coast was lux who reached out to verb and SMACK really prospered with the Midwest movement thats the thing that got URL really popping, cause now we had a story line and not just random battles..there was a meaning to it now. I dont think it has anything to do with Loyalty…I think a nigga did a battle got world wide recognition and he believes he can use his popularity now to make more than the standard SMACK contract where you get X dollars to battle and SMACK retains the footage. All i see is a entrepreneurial mind at work, this may be his last chance to make this kind of money (esp if this battle dont live up to the hype). He went to SMACK with a deal and SMACK turned it down, so he went else where..Simple as that.. And i do think the platform has something to do with it but not entirely..we all saw Yung Ill vs T-rex go viral and nigga uploaded it to a channel with like 5000 subscribers…if its hot its hot..Yung Ill vs Rex got like the 3rd biggest battle views wise on youtube right now.

  • James Macadooo

    No more videos please!!!!

  • barondebxl

    This nigga makes a lot of sense. People are just hating but until ya’ll own your shit ya’ll wont understand.


      I agree this Super Grova lookin ass nigga actually made some sense.

  • James

    I swear I tried listen to the entire video, I just couldn’t. Its free market capitalism 1001. If one company isn’t interested in your project you have the right to go look elsewhere. I love the URL but I’m not tied to them as a battle rap consumer. I will support them, but if they continue to produce garbage material; I will look elsewhere. Fuck this loyalty bullshit.

    • James

      Moreover these idiots who continuously try to lecture fans are really beginning to annoy me. Fan comes from the word Fanatic!! They are unfair, sometimes fickle and very demanding, but that is part and parcel of the game. So quit trying to lecture US and do your damn jobs.

      • James

        Finally, I don’t blame the URL for not making the Lux V Hollow battle. It really sucks, but I don’t begrudge for not taking the financial risk. But to try to even imply that Lux should be criticized for taking his business to UW (like the idiot in the video) is absolutely preposterous.

  • Set Up

    So he ask for 40k from URL where they put up all the risk, they say no, a campaign is started by stans not really understanding business, and now you go to UW where you ain’t getting anywhere close to 40k. It sounds like Arsonal and them set URL up to bad mouth them knowing the whole time if they said no to 40k, which had a higher percentage, then we will put it on UW and URL will be on the downside. Face Lux tried to come up off his 15 mins it ain’t work, and now he taking less money, all the while Arsonal winning.

    • url judge

      And that’s the truth, URL got played lol

    • TipOfTheIceberg

      how u know he didn’t get the 40 from UW? How you know he took less?

  • ms marjane

    This perspective makes more sense than most. but i don’t think it’s as simple as having brought the project to another stage.. Lux couldn’t possibly be getting anywhere near what he asked for from URL.

    The only measure of a successful battle rap league is their product – battles.. both the live show production, and the videos. SM2 was URL’s best product to date, but it wasn’t long afterwards that the URL audience wanted fresh talent. Lux, a well-known but old name, comes to the table to ask for $40K, but that includes a big assumption – that his battle with hollow was going to generate that kind of revenue. Not just to generate the cash to pay him, but to generate the funds to pay everybody else – battlers, staff, bills, etc. Believing that your own battle will do well is not the same as delivering a classic product that pays *everyone*.

    What Lux tried to do was establish a base “purse” as a main attraction on a battle card. This is common in boxing when you have a huge world wide audience and PPV, but PPV requires a promoter to assume the financial risk, establish a whole grip of investors to secure revenue, site broadcast license agreements with venues, legal backing ($$$), advertisers that will support the content of battles (where niggas get on stage and talk about murkin somebody’s whole family), and a lot of other expenses out of pocket. Anything less than that – like, ‘oh we’ll just put it on ustream’, frankly, is going to make you pennies in comparison, and would also cause you to lose money – once the live battle is out there and recorded (i.e. bootlegged), then fans will distribute all on their own, and you’ve lost the advantage of having premium content to package as a DVD or to charge for in any way later.. and you will not get the same caliber advertisers..

    UW’s most recent live stream was well below acceptable quality.. which is funny, because Arsonal claims he’s making money on clicks.. from advertisers that barely exist. Not only do they not run a tight team, their product to date has been awful. I don’t give a fuck about trailers with Treach. The live stream of their last event was cheap (was it $6.00?), which barely made up for the poor video quality, and the poor production in general. Arsonal can claim whatever he wants to, but that nigga is in over his head and he does NOT really know how to create a quality production around battle rap. He’s just gassed because he has his own league.. but he can’t pay his people.

    For a minute, I really thought Smack and Co could make this happen if they wanted to. The truth is that If we believe clips, URL can’t even pay out 8k. Even if you don’t, its obvious that their product doesn’t generate revenue – the reality is that battle rap is currently free for anyone not standing in the room when the shit goes down. They struggle to drop battles on time, and battle rap fans are used to paying $0 dollars for battles they’ll claim they hate immediately after they view them. KOTD does well obviously, and if you view their events you know why – they pack the venue with thousands of kids, they have a tight team (KOTD battles always look *really* good) there’s revenue flow for merchandisers, they’ve got investors (Drake and whoever else), etc.

    If SM3 blew up like it did with PPV liablities, these cats wouldn’t be able to afford a lunch right now. Video streaming significantly lowers the value of their primary product, and they can’t even deliver what they *do* have with enough efficiency to charge for distribution or package a fuckin DVD or even offer downloadable content. Whether you’re familiar with business or not doesn’t really matter – most fans are reacting off of what they see in a staged battle anyway – lights, cameras, action, big screens, and all. Ring girls. Diddy with an entourage at the battle. The reality is that fans are the reason Lux can’t get paid.. because we don’t actually pay for what we’re watching, and most fans don’t fly out to events to see them up close. URL would have to sell ALL THE WAY OUT to pay Lux a quarter of what top-teir, main attraction professional wrestlers make in a year. Boxing is a different biz, because their’s SO much revenue involved.. mostly off of PPV. But even then, most of what boxer’s technically make gets kicked back to the promoter anyway. Not the other way around!

    • ms marjane

      a muthafucking essay bitches! learn how to read! hahahahah

  • TipOfTheIceberg

    Lux is a beast with the word play but if it wasn’t for that NY crowd gassing that shit Lux was saying up…it wouldn’t have come off so brilliantly. if Math Hoffa or RemyD or Dose or Illmaculate was on that stage saying the exact shit Lux was, they would have gotten booed due to taking so long to get to a punch in both the first and ‘second’ round. People give leeway and are more patient depending on whos on stage. Lux is going to get the same reaction in UW. The vlogger is wrong. Lux is going to win this battle the same way Pat Stay beat Arcane. Niggas need to watch that battle before they comment. Lux is going to win this….the crowd is going to be patient for those long ass setups and when he says any lil punch line its going to be gassed like 4 fat bitches at a all-you-can-eat taco bell. Lux got this one in the bag before it even starts.

    • Logic

      Math or RemyD or Dose Wouldn’t have said the things Lux did, that is where you are wrong. They dont have the capacity or skill, that is the point. If Lux went to KOTD and they understood the intricacies in his rhymes they would treat him the same.

      • TipOfTheIceberg

        my dude….do you understand the concept of ‘if’?

  • darius

    this dude is a url dick rider

  • truth

    url is pimping the rappers just like the industry… url getting rich and the artist stay broke..thats why lux is pricing himself….lux is the jay z of battle rap….and most the rappers on url is from grind time and lions den….this guy don’t know what the fuck he talking about…lux brought a new style to the table…

  • truth

    daylyte did more promo then the url…. they are not business people…they are from the streets…smack got 30 to 50 people on stage talking through jaz rounds and people want to fight. that shit is turning into a ghetto boxing event….i own a stop acting like url couldn’t make a deal with lux or come up with a different plan to get him what he is worth. at first i was going to get a ticket to sm3 to see lux battle. then when i found out he wasn’t on the card.. i change my mind… url top rappers wasn’t on the card anyway..

  • InTheClouds856

    Why would you lecture battle rap fans like we walk around thinking about battle rappers and Smack all day? Honestly we dont care. Its all entertainment to us. I dont care how many times you cuss or get loud ill forget about this blog in the next 5 minutes so whats the point?

    • levi

      so true! the only comment that make sense

  • jd

    Im just curious, why wouldnt it work on UW? Im not a UW fan but I watched floyd mayweather take his business to showtime and it has crippled hbo boxing. I hear your logic but bilion dollar organizations can lose out why can the smaller company. You make good points but not all valid. Your business monologue is up to par but definitely not all the way on point. But your opinion is your opinion!!!!


    My question is, what is UW paying Lux straight up? None of this hearsay shit. After all the fuss Lux made about 40k, if he isn’t getting it now then what is he getting that made it worth his while,

    I really can’t be bothered to hear there is no money in battle rap when SMACK gave Murda Mook 20k for Iron and Iron got 10k that night. Thats a 30k battle and there were many others that night. Where is tis money coming from?

    At the end of the day, Lux asked for 40k. If UW isn’t giving him that, then what are they offering that SMACK wasn’t?

    • Jamal

      the opportunity to make more. If Lux accepts Smacks contract which you battle for X dollars and thats the limit, then smack will own the rights to the footage and can forever bank off of it..Lux wants to try to make a business venture out of it..he wants to set up a stream and charge..he thinks with the right promotion he can get his up front price along with proceeds from the stream. We know UW does streams so I think that was the thing that lured him.. I thinkthey picked super bowl sunday because so many people will be preoccupied with the super bowl that the true die hard fans will still buy..remember if your pricing the ppv at lets say 9.99..all they would need is 2000-10,000 purchases and thats 20k- 100k right there..and Lux get his percentage..its possible if the promotion is done right all the way up to the battle. Plus we dont know whose promoting behind the scenes..we dont know all the details..Lux obviously cool with shaq and other celebrities, how do we know they wont help with promotion..or how we know he dont have one of them to help sponsor? I mean i see no reason why the lux battle cant get a good 10,000 streams purchased if and thats if the promotion is good..blogs leading up to the battle from both artists..etc

  • Chuckychuck

    Clearly hes dick riding URL. Fine you don’t have to accept Lux’s offer which I agree may have not been presented correctly but you also cannot blame him for going to UW. Like he said its business. No matter where they do this battle people will watch. And as shitty as URL has been lately it may just be better off at UW. This guy is trying to hide it but he is salty as fuck. That ass must be sore from riding smack. He sounds stupid as fuck trying to give UW tips on how to run their event.

  • FOR

    This is the most bias blog I have seen in a while. Lux did a lot for the culture; therefore, 40k is not too much to ask. It’s ridiculous to suggest that URL made Lux as an artist. As a matter of fact, I would argue that Lux helped the Ultimate Rap League more then the URL helped him. His success was a product of his hard work. He put on a fantastic performance and wrote his own rounds…don’t take that away from him. Furthermore, do not even attempt to insinuate that he does not know business because he no longer owns his own league. First, Lux is an intelligent, well educated man. He may have not had the exact projected profit for pay per view down to a tee (or maybe he did), but i’m almost certain he had an idea of what the numbers would look like. Moreover, let us address the issue of you staying that his league was not successful. Look at all of the big name rappers he introduced to the culture. I would call that success. Let us look at his recognition as both a rapper and a battler rapper now, compared to back then (his name obviously hold more respect and recognition now). I would call that success. Look at his impact on the rap culture on not only a national, but a global scale. Success. Just because his league is no longer around does not suggest that he is neither a credible source nor a successful individual. There is so much more that I could say, but i’m going to stop. Just remember, the next time you put out a blog consider all factors and please stop trying to make stupid, irrelevant connections/points (ex: the movie connection, the 2% statement you pulled out of your ass, etc).


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