M.Ciddy Vs Daylyt

iBattle Worldwide Presents: Cold War 2
M.Ciddy Vs Daylyt
Hosted By godAWFUL, & Lady Law


  • L.O.

    Ciddy Slept on!!! #BARS

  • ReeseG

    daylyte took buddy light

  • Grindmode

    That battle happened before the calicoe vs dna battle, where the “fans” used excuses for cals trash performance. Yall know how they do, saying bs like “he was focused on tsu surf, thats a way bigger battle”, “he wasnt taking it serious” .So Daylylt decided to do the exact same for this battle and show these fools how bias they are. You hear him say it…this battle dont matter….i got b-magic next.
    I rock with him for that…homie aint scared to do som.

  • Jamal

    ciddy had some clever bars and daylyte mortal kombat scheme was kinda hot…Url needs to go ahead and make a judging system now also make mandatory battles, if niggas dont agree then they dont battle on URL, yall have enough battlers where losing one or two divas wont hurt…too many leagues, too many battlers…battlers hand picking who they gonna battle..going to other bs leagues…the culture depends on URL to hurry up and do it…or whats gonna happen is the over saturation of everything will make battling turn into a joke…

    • AcesClick215

      Is it not already a joke, I don’t remember the last battle I watched more than once.

  • Spike

    I can’t believe leagues are paying daylyt to battle. I use to like hearing him, but now I’m tired of the clown acts. No more daylyt for me…

    • Brixxxx


    • Grindmode

      The funny thing is, he dont even demand money…ask these leagues…mabye couple hunnids.
      They fuck up, cause they want daylyt on the card…. they expect him to do something crazy and to get exposure. Wasnt he pocket checking one of the owners of this league…
      Day aint one of these hollywood battlers, he different. Lets be real, .its not that i support that bs he do from , but i get the message behind it

  • haitiansensation

    all the leagues please stop booking this dude he is straight up stupid i thought ciddy was gonna walk away when he pulled the paper. waste of my fucking time.

  • Razor

    I like Daylyt but I hate when niggas accept battles just to not take them serious… Ciddy went off tho hopefully it’s a good year for him

  • Trizzle

    That bullshit had to be free.. Ain’t no damn fans there.

  • Url stan

    M.ciddy won don’t take the battle if u ain’t serious plain an simple

  • FAMP

    Ciddy, you need to address the crowd n camera a lil more.. I hate to see niggaz with BARZ not get better battle.. I wanna c you against NUBORN..

  • Food4thought

    That’s why daylyt not on url take battles serious daylyt wtf is going on making unfunny jokes n shit

  • Florida Boy

    i never could get with Daylyt battles he just dont do it for me

  • ms marjane

    fuck daylyt

  • Wolfpack Toma

    Ciddy 3-0


    daylyt 3-0

  • gin_wine

    This nigga daylyt is fuckin up battle rap, why yall niggas keep booking this clown? He is getting paid for being a joke man get real.


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