Maino: Collaborating on “Yellow Tape” With Uncle Murda is Good for Brooklyn

Maino  Collaborating on  Yellow Tape  With Uncle Murda is Good for Brooklyn   YouTube

Maino recently released his collaborative mixtape with Uncle Murda, titled “Yellow Tape (King Kong and Godzilla),” which he spoke about during an exclusive interview with VladTV.

When asked about the significance of two Brooklyn rappers coming together on a project, Maino explained that it’s rare for New York rappers to collaborate on a project these days, adding that the decision to join forces is “gigantic” for their borough. He also spoke about the significance of “King Kong and Godzilla,” which originated from a conversation that Maino had with Uncle Murda about how epic the project would be before it came into fruition.

During the interview Maino also addressed media personality Bill O’Reilly bashing his “Hands Up” video that he did with Uncle Murda, which was a tribute to Eric Garner. When speaking about how O’Reilly reacted to the video, Mainio told us that he wishes he could have debated the situation with O’Reilly and Pat Lynch, the head of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association in NYC.

To hear more of what Maino had to say about the backlash over the video and more, hit the above clip.

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