Maino -KOB (In Studio Performance) at Shade45 with DJKaySlay

Maino records a vid to “KOB” while in studio at Shade45….

EMAIL: [email protected]
@theDAMNtruthMAG @Devenchi @Industry101


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    • knuckles

      eat a dick down south crunk ass nigga.

  • Woeson

    Light shit.. Real rap. The crown is givin to the king. If you that nigga you don’t have to go around saying im the king. They will give you that title. Maino cool,but not the King. He may be one of the realest niggas in Brooklyn but not the king. Like Biggie was and Jay-z is now until he die,Maino going to have to put the work in to get that. Saw in one of his blogs he said he had a Rolls in front of the chicken spot and they had to stop the bus because of the crowd. Wonder how that scene would’ve looked with the real king in front of the chicken spot. If you were the king or even a big star it would’ve been way worse. Facts! going at Trinidad James soft ass don’t make you hot! Smart maybe for using him as a spring board to try and take your career to another level,it’s just that level is still way lower that the real king. But do you Fam.


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